Did you know that the average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes each day? When your employees are productive and engaged, they get more done, and they are happier. 

While there are several ways to boost productivity, giving your employees the right tools to use throughout the day is one of the best. When your employees have the right tools, they will spend less time completing basic tasks. 

Are you looking for new Microsoft tools to help increase your employee productivity? If so, keep reading to learn about five Microsoft tools that you should start using. 

1. Microsoft Word

One of the most popular Mircosoft tools is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a word processor that allows you to write a letter, create a resume, take notes, or write newsletters. 

Because there are many different uses for Mircofost Word, giving your employees this tool will open tons of new opportunities. With Microsoft Word, you can type text, insert images, and create graphs. 

2. Microsoft Excel

Another one of the best Microsoft tools is Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel allows you to process data, create formulas, and solve complex problems. Many companies use Excel for finance, accounting, supply chain, and marketing. 

Whether you need to create an annual budget, keep track of potential leads, or are looking for a Microsoft threat modeling tool, Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool to use.

With Excel, you can create graphs, write functions, edit data, and share information with others. 

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

An important part of doing business is communicating your ideas with other people. If you want the ability to create stunning presentations, then you should start using Microsoft PowerPoint. 

PowerPoint is a Microsoft media creation tool that allows you to make engaging presentations with graphics, transitions, and designs. With Microsoft PowerPoint, you can entertain and impress your audience. 

4. Microsoft SharePoint

Whether you manage a large or small team, Microsoft SharePoint is an essential tool that allows you to share information with your team. On Microsoft SharePoint, you can share files, calendars, and tasks. 

Microsoft SharePoint also makes it easy to collaborate with others on the same file at one time. Before using Microsoft SharePoint for your team, make sure to learn more about the benefits. 

5. Microsoft Outlook

One of the most important parts of doing business is email, and Microsoft Outlook is one of the best tools to manage your email. With Microsoft Outlook, you can get employee email addresses specific to your business. 

Microsoft Outlook also makes organizing your email simple, it gives you plenty of customization tools, and you can create email signature templates. 

Are You Ready to Use These Microsoft Tools?

Using Microsoft tools is a great way to boost productivity, make it easier to complete tasks, and stay organized. If you are looking for the best Microsoft survey tool, keep these helpful programs in mind. 

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