6 Signs You Should Get a New Smartphone

Our smartphones are some of the most important devices in our lives. 

Between giving us access to the world around us and keeping us more connected than ever, smartphones have truly reshaped society. 

With new and emerging tech, smartphones are getting better than ever before. It’s important to have a reliable device that can last you years. 

If your smartphone is on its last leg, there are signs to look out for that may point you to a new smartphone. Want to learn more? Here are the six signs you should get a new smartphone. 

1. Your Smartphone’s Touchscreen Begins Running Slowly

There can be many reasons as to why your smartphone begins to run slow. 

Whether you have iPhone or S9 problems, there are common issues among smartphones that can render your device useless. 

Specifically, your touchscreen. If your device’s touchscreen lags profusely or doesn’t have ample response time, it may be time to look at a new phone. 

As phones age, the touchscreen mechanism ages; it can lose its responsiveness and even die out altogether. If you are experiencing these issues, it may be time for a new device. 

2. The Battery On Your Device Drains Rapidly

Ever had a phone that it has to stay on the charger consistently? If your phone battery drains rapidly, it may be a sign to get a new phone. 

In some cases, you can always replace the battery. However, sometimes if the device is out of warranty, it can be a riskier and more costly repair if other things go wrong. 

Additionally, a battery that drains rapidly can also be a sign of another issue in your smartphone, such as the motherboard or “brain” of the device. 

All in all, get your phone’s battery checked, and if a replacement doesn’t fix it, it may be time to upgrade. 

3. Your Smartphone Reboots Itself

If you’re in the middle of an important call or application, the last thing you want is to deal with a phone reboot. 

If your device turns itself off and on, it may be time to retire your smartphone. 

4. Device Overheating Even When Not in Use

It’s normal for smartphones to get a little warm when under heavy load. However, if your smartphone overheats even when you are not actively using it, it may be a sign to upgrade. 

Overheating in phones can also be dangerous, so it’s imperative to have your device looked at by a professional. 

5. Battery Swelling

If your device’s battery drains rapidly and overheats, it can lead to your smartphone’s battery getting swollen. This not only is bad for your phone’s battery but can also lead to the screen and frame of your device becoming broken. 

If your battery is swelling, it may be time to get a new smartphone. 

6. You Have Lost Software Support

Most software companies support devices for two to five years. It’s closer to two on the Andriod side, and on the iOS side, it’s closer to five. 

Upgrading operating systems is a great way to give an old phone a new life, but if you lose support, it can be a security risk and lead to performance issues. 

If your device is no longer supported with new software, it may be time to upgrade. 

The Six Signs You Need a New Smartphone

Here are the signs that you need to upgrade and get a new smartphone, including hardware and software issues. 

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