Studying abroad is a global phenomenon that’s now becoming a norm for a lot of students. Gone are the days when students would rather choose to stay within the comforts of their home country. Now, students are taking the brave route of crossing borders, oceans, and continents, in the pursuit of high-quality education.

Perhaps, that’s what has sparked your interest too. But at the back of your mind, you might still be questioning if there really are significant advantages that you as an international student can gain. Will all that effort eventually be worth it? You’ve come to the right place for answers. Here, you’ll be able to get guidance on this path and learn about what makes going overseas as a student a practical and wise decision.

If you have the opportunity to study abroad as an international student, this is something you should definitely consider doing. You’re going to gain some competitive advantages for your future:

1. Being An International Student Makes You A More Interesting Person

Being an international student makes you become a more interesting person because your world widens. You aren’t just limited to the confines of the place you’ve known and gone accustomed to for your entire life. You’ll have so much to share with others because of the experiences you’ve gained and the challenges you’ve encountered while navigating through different cultures, practices, and traditions. You’ll also get to meet different kinds of people, which will allow you to hone your people skills and understand those from other cultures. 

Many employers today are looking for members to join their team—those who are all interesting individuals. You have a story to share, and you don’t just become that passive employee who walks into your workplace every day, doing nothing more than repetitive tasks. Should you be sent to conferences and meetings where you’re going to represent your company, for instance, you’ll have great knowledge or insights to offer.

2. Being An International Student Helps You Improve Your Language Skills

Another competitive advantage you’re slated to gain by being an international student is the fact that you’ll get to significantly improve your language skills. Yes, studying in a language class in your local area is helpful. But it’s still more rewarding and effective to actually converse and practice a foreign language in a real-life setting. This is an unforgettable and enriching experience you can only get from studying abroad.

It’s because when you’re in a foreign country, it’s easier to practice your conversational skills. While living in a different country, you’ll pick up certain phrases and terms simply by listening to the locals speak or by interacting with them. At the end of your four or five-year stint as an international student, what was once a foreign language to you may now be something you’re fluent in.

And knowing another language gives you an edge in the professional world. Language is no longer a barrier, with many businesses making it big in the global market. Yes, English is the international language. However, if you can communicate in another language, you become an asset to your company.

3. Being An International Student Presents You With A Challenging Environment

Being an international student is a challenging experience in itself because you’ll be exposed to an unfamiliar environment. You’re bound to face obstacles that come with studying overseas, such as being far from family and friends, dealing with cultural misunderstandings, and feeling like an outsider. However, all these difficulties help you grow as an individual and add to the fun and unique experiences of being an international student. You’ll learn how to develop a new support network in a foreign land, observe how locals engage with each other, and understand new cultural norms. 

Moreover, when you graduate and join the workforce, those challenges you were able to overcome will allow you to cope better and adapt. You’ll be as well-adjusted as the locals are.

4. Being An International Student Gives You Something To Talk About

Say you’ve been invited to a formal dinner party for your job. Have you always envied those who are conversational and have more qualifications under their belt that they proudly share with others? You can be that kind of person too by being an international student.

The reason is simple. Many other executives and professionals are more enthralled to listen to the stories of students who have studied abroad. Typically, foreign students’ internship experiences and credentials make them more valuable. 

Granted, you’ll be that professional who will continue to fascinate others with your achievements and exciting stories. 

5. Being An International Student Enables You To Impress More Employers

In such a competitive world today, the applicant with impressive credentials on their resume is still the one who is slated to be the most appealing candidate to prospective employers. Why? These credentials make them stand out from a sea of countless candidates.

And what could be more impressive than having had obtained education abroad? Your background as an international student gives the impression that you’re willing to take on challenges and are open to new experiences. You’re a risk taker. You’re not afraid of failure.

Even when you decide to return home to work, future employers will want to hire you because you possess effective communication skills, a new perspective on culture, and a desire to learn. 

Studying overseas is never easy, but it’s worthwhile. It molds you to becoming a professional with an open mind and a strong work ethic to adapt well in a diverse environment.

6. Being An International Student Gives You The Chance To Obtain Top-Quality Education

Depending on where you’re headed off, one of the main reasons for studying abroad is the pursuit of top-quality education. It’s undeniable that there may be better schools than what you have in your home state or country. And if you’re really serious about boosting your credentials, then you won’t settle for an average school. You know you can do better elsewhere.

There are many high-ranking universities in countries, like the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, that are widely recognized globally. These schools offer degrees or programs that will equip you with the necessary skills and set you apart from others.  


Studying overseas does offer fantastic benefits, from improving your job outlook to building a network of connections. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on. If you want to be the best version of yourself, all you have to do is start planning. Soon enough, you’ll be flying abroad and experiencing a wonderful world as an international student.