How to Organize an Anniversary Party during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about negative impacts on all aspects of our life. You could not meet anyone, host social events, or even do anything for entertainment. It brought a pause in all our lives. However, as things are slowly getting better, we are slowly returning to a new normal. It means doing the things you would do before, but with safety precautions. You can celebrate holidays, special events and keep gatherings in a Covid-friendly environment. All you have to do is make a few adjustments to your plans, and you are good to go! If you have a milestone anniversary coming up and want some tips on how to host one while taking the necessary precautions, we have got you covered! Below we will talk about six ways to organize a fun yet safe anniversary party during the pandemic.

  1. Select a Venue

The first and the most important thing to decide on is a venue for your anniversary party. You want to have it somewhere with good décor, plenty of space, and a good environment. You must decide if you want to keep it outdoors, at your home, or somewhere else altogether. No matter what option you go for, ensure it takes into account the SOPs for Covid-19. There are a range of options you can choose from that include precautionary measures. You can opt for a restaurant with plenty of space and delicious food and drinks. But you can also choose to keep it at your own home with plenty of room to practice safe social distancing. 

  1. Make a Guest List

When hosting any party, you need to decide who to invite. Ideally, you would want to call everyone to your milestone anniversary party. However, we need to organize the event keeping in mind the pandemic. Therefore, it will be best if you keep your guest list short. Inviting close friends and family members should do the job. It helps to keep your party intimate and reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission as well. By inviting only close people, you can easily maintain a six feet distance and practice physical distancing. It might be a downer to limit people, but there is a silver lining. As a plus point, you can keep many small to medium gatherings and have fun at each without any added stress of keeping one larger event that compromises your or your loved ones’ health.

  1. Advance Preparation

When it comes to hosting any party, you never want to leave things down to the wire. The same is the case here. Once you have decided the venue and the number of guests, start preparing. If you plan on keeping it at your house, you need to do extra preparations considering the pandemic. It includes décor, setting the table, preparing food, etcetera. If you plan on cooking yourself, start early, prepare everything beforehand, and do all the necessary mise en place to account for any unforeseen problems. It can be a threat for people to share utensils, so only one person should serve the food. You can also opt for catering services if you do not want to cook yourself. At times these services even offer individually packed food options. 

  1. Maintain SOPs

As important as enjoying yourselves is, you must ensure that everyone maintains SOPs. It means having fun while being safe to reduce the risk of transmission. Firstly, everyone should wear masks even if they are vaccinated. They are necessary for indoor gatherings and ensure everyone’s safety. The host should always have face masks ready to give out in case someone forgets. A bonus to encourage wearing masks could be to send them out along with the invites. You can also keep sanitizers and tissues available at every corner of the venue. Also, prevent people from hugging or shaking hands. You should encourage them to verbally greet one another, such as waving, rather than physical gestures, to observe distant forms of safe communication. To prevent cross-contamination, you can also limit drinks to bottled ones or have single-serve choices present.

  1. Keep Rules

While most parties don’t have rules, the pandemic makes it inevitable not to have some. You must keep a few rules so that everything goes smoothly and no one is at risk. One rule you can put is not allowing uninvited people. Ensure that no one brings an unexpected guest last minute and that only invited people show up. It will help keep the gathering small and maintain enough distance. You can also ensure that all your guests are vaccinated. You do not want to put yourself or others at risk by inviting someone who is not vaccinated. Lastly, you should see that all your guests are healthy when they arrive. Take their temperature and ensure that they do not display any Covid-19 symptoms. If anyone exhibits the slightest symptoms, politely ask them to stay at home as a safety precaution.

  1. Enjoy Yourselves

After the challenging tasks are over, take some time out to enjoy yourself with your closest friends and family. You can all play games together or reminisce down memory lane. Sing songs, have romantic couple dances, or create your own games. You should sit back, relax, drink wine, and talk about how far your marriage has come. It is always good to think about old memories with people that matter the most. You should be grateful for what a lovely journey you have had. An evening with good company is a great way to celebrate special occasions. You should ensure everyone had a great time, including yourself. You can also ask people for feedback on the gathering and treat yourself to hosting a successful milestone event.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a party should be fun and relaxing. However, keeping a party in this new normal might be a little challenging. However, with these six tips and tricks, you can easily organize an anniversary party during the pandemic that will make your endorphins flow. There are some other things you can see to make your party a success. You should ensure that the gathering is according to your budget. You do not want to go all out and then regret it later on, even for a milestone anniversary. Try to do everything beforehand, so the work does not overburden you or outsource it if you cannot do everything yourself. Lastly, ensure hospitality to your guests by making them feel valued and that they are always welcome to come again. And above all, enjoy!

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