Why Most Auto Accident Lawsuits Never See the Courtroom

With all the TV commercials about winning a car accident settlement, you may think they all end up in court. That is actually not true. The number of auto accident lawsuits that go to trial is pretty low.

There are a few very good reasons why it is best to settle out of court.

Read on to learn why.

Trials Are Expensive

After an accident you need all the financial help you can get. Car accident claims cover expenses like medical bills, lost wages, and even pain and suffering.

That is money needed in your bank account. Going to trial for your claim means you bring home less money. Trials are expensive.

Expert witnesses, court documents, fees, and the lawyer’s time all add up quickly. Both sides know this and understand it is in everyone’s best interest to try and settle without paying out money to third parties.

Trials Take Time

In addition to not losing money on an expensive trial, you need it right away.

Trials can take a lot of time. There are hearings and delays and the entire process can drag on months or even years. Even after a verdict is reached, you still have to wait to receive the settlement amount.

When time is crucial to your recovery and you want to move on with life, it is a good idea to avoid a lengthy court battle.

The Outcome Is Uncertain

Probably the biggest concern either side may have in going to trial is the unpredictability. There is just no way to know what will happen.

Even with all the documents and expert witnesses, you still have to rely on the thoughts and feelings of those jurors or judge on that given day.

There is a lot at stake and usually not worth the risk to either side to leave it in the hands of someone else.

Insurance Companies Want to Settle

A car accident lawsuit going to trial is the last thing an insurance company wants to deal with. When you are injured by another driver, it is not that person who pays, but their insurance company.

They are prepared to negotiate and it is their goal to settle and move on. The attorneys on both sides are trained and experienced in these types of cases. They try to work together when presented with the facts to come to a fair agreement.

Auto Accident Lawsuits: It Is Still an Option

Even with the best of intentions and good personal injury lawyers, there are still times when an injury claim must go to trial. There could be unusual circumstances surrounding the accident, or an issue with dollar limits or terms.

You should always follow your attorney’s advice and if they believe it is time to take that next step, then they are looking out for your best interests.

The Right Choice

Being injured in an accident can turn your life upside down. There are so many questions.

If you are tempted by auto accident lawsuits, just remember there are many reasons why negotiations are still your best bet. Trust your attorney to make the right choice.

We are here to guide you through all aspects of your life. Bookmark our page and come back often for great advice and helpful information.

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