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Series Name…Boys Over Flowers(2009)

  • Rating: 7.9/10
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Directed by: Gi-Sang Jeon, 
  • Produced by: Gwak Jeong-hwan and (KBS Drama Operations Team)
  • Cast: Ku Hye-Sun, Lee Min-Ho, Kim Hyun-joong, and others


It is a story about a high school young girl who got teased and bullied by an affluent boy who is the head of a group of 4 other rich boys. The male protagonist falls in love with the girl when she has a feeling for another boy who is a best friend of the male protagonist. The story revolves around these characters. This is the bottom line of the story.


South Korea’s one of the largest Shinhwa Group is led by a strict and arrogant chairwoman named Kang Hee-soo. Her son Gu Jun-pyo also leads a group of 4 boys in the most prestigious and elite Shinhwa High School. This school is the place for the richest community in society. Here, the 4 boys named Yoon Ji-hu, So Yi-jung, and Song Woo-bin who is Jun-pyo’s best friend. Now, these 4 boys bully a boy in a level where the boy tries to commit suicide. At the very moment, a poor but courageous girl named Geum Jan-di saved his life, and her courage story gets published in the next day’s paper and this news makes the consumers very upset against the Shinhwa Group. Now to please the consumers the chairwoman helps Jan-di to get a scholarship in the  Shinhwa High School. Jan-di belongs to a very poor family who runs a dry cleaning business. She lives with her parents and a younger brother named Geum Kang-san. Being a strong-headed person, Jan-di starts to dislike most of her classmates and their behavior.

When Jun-pyo starts to bully her, instead of being scared or ashamed she takes a stand against him. Her courage, straightforward attitude, and negligence towards Jun-pyo made him interested in her and he fell for her. But he hasn’t stopped bullying her and she was ambushed by the edge and flours. Among the 4 boys, Ji-hu came forward to help and support her to handle this insult. Gradually Jan-di started liking him but she came to know that Ji-hu had one-sided love for his childhood friend, a successful model, a lawyer in training, and a celebrity named Min Seo-hyun. The mean girl group of the school told Jan-di that there was a costume party event which was a dance show organized by the school and being unaware of the fact Jan-di came to the event while dressing up as Wonder woman.

The mean girls made her fall into the food table and she got completely wet with the food. Ji-hu and Seo-hyun had come forward to save her and Seo-hyun gave her a complete makeover. She shared the stage with Ji-hu while dancing with him and this whole incident made Jun-pyo jealous. And the story continues its ride through 25 episodes. So, without running your excitement and curiosity, it’s best to watch the entire series on your offline watch with the maximum flexibility of BBFly Paravi Downloader as many times as you want without being online.

The Distinctive Dimensions of the Story

Since this romantic drama series has received record-breaking appreciation from different sections of society, therefore, it would be great to know the best and most attractive factors of this story to know its essence. From OTT platforms to social media platforms, this series is all over the place and it has become a household topic in South Korea. Even though it does not need any more praise or appreciation to increase its popularity but to talk about the unique and distinctive aspects of this drama series the first thing that comes to your mind is its simplicity and freshness. This saga would give you the eternal appeal of Cinderella that you can never get over. It is very hard to convey simple messages in the simplest way. And this drama is a phenomenal example of telling simple things in a most casual way that is very much relatable to the audience. The teenagers and youth instantly resonate with the story because of its lovey-dovey content and its commendable execution. From characterization to presentation, every part of the story needs applause for sure.

Our Verdict

There is nothing to talk more about the Boys Over Flowers since this series has already spoken for itself and it has managed to win millions and trillions of hearts all over the world. This teenage love story with several shades and dimensions would simply surprise you with the incredible performance of all the characters. And the most magical part of this story is that you just can’t wait to watch the next episode when you are already watching the previous one. The irresistible magnitude of this saga is a must-watch from our side. Instead of encouraging or recommending, we are insisting you watch this romantic drama series several times with the most appropriate paravi download.

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