The Best Pop-up Templates for Marketers & Bloggers

Judging by the results of various studies, pop-ups are highly effective. For example, for a site with an audience of 22 thousand visitors without pop-ups, there were normally 7-8 subscribers per day. When setting up the pop-up tool with a one-minute launch delay, 50-75 people began to subscribe to the newsletter daily. It is a great instrument which surely and especially in case you are a marketer or a blogger and one of your key tasks is attracting a new audience. 

Types of pop-ups on websites

There are the following types of pop-ups: Hello-Board and Page-Stop.

Pop-ups – Hello-Board

Hello-Board has a horizontal or vertical arrangement of windows, while the user can still see the basic information posted on the page. As a rule, such pop-up banners do not affect the functionality of the site. This is a light version of pop-up, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the effectiveness of using the tool and maintain the loyalty of site visitors.

Pop-up Windows – Page-Stop

When using Page-Stop banners, the site creators completely restrict the users’ activity on the site until they agree to the offer or refuse it. In both cases, such a window will require certain actions from the guest, and therefore it will be annoying, and distracting from the main purpose of visiting the site.

Here are some interesting ideas for setting up popups that will work and help you in your marketing strategy. 

1. Replace banners with popup windows

Webmasters often use permanent banners, placing them on the page at the bottom or on the side. Usually, this is an advertisement that will open another page by clicking on the link. If the banner contains an offer to go to one of the internal pages or leave an email address by subscribing to the newsletter, you can safely replace the banner with pop-up templates.

This technique has both advantages and disadvantages. 

The positive aspects include:

  • The ability to save space on the page is especially important if the banner was large.
  • The pop-up window loads instantly, and it takes time to open a “heavy” banner.
  • All this can have a positive effect on conversion.

There is only one minus here, a pop-up window cannot place a lot of information, unlike a full-fledged banner. But a creative approach will avoid difficulties.

2. Replace subscriptions with popup windows

We are talking about subscription forms that can be placed on separate pages, on the side, and at the bottom of the main page. You can simply remove all the fields, replacing them with a single click button, which will cause a pop-up window. It will already be able to contain all the necessary information and fields.

Advantages of this approach are the following:

  • The number of subscribers increases, since such a correct approach causes the location of visitors. If the subscription form is available immediately, there is a greater risk that it will be ignored.
  • The absence of unnecessary information helps to make the page more accurate.

To speak about disadvantages, the marketer should be careful when creating buttons, because the user may misinterpret their meaning. So, from the word “Download” people will wait for the opportunity to download files.

3. Replace the words of gratitude with popup windows

There is no need to create a target page of the site for words of gratitude. But it is quite possible to demonstrate a pop-up window after a certain time.

The advantage of this approach is that it will take quite a bit of time to create a window than to design a full-fledged page.


  • Not all pop-ups can redirect a visitor to social networks.
  • Creating a more sophisticated code with gratitude requires the involvement of a good specialist.

4. Thanks for the subscription are replaced with a popup window

The example is similar to the previous one. But instead of referring to the form with thanks, there is a redirect to the selling page with the necessary links and words of gratitude for the subscription. This pop-up window may also contain data about a paid product or offers to participate in the promotion.

Advantages of the approach:

  • No need to create a separate thank you page.
  • The conversion rate increases, because when the window is closed, visitors will get to a fully loaded page with advertising of goods. This will unobtrusively push you to buy.

The only disadvantage is that it is necessary to achieve the instant appearance of a pop-up window so that visitors do not suspect the site of cheating.

5. Secret popup banner

The ideal solution for regular customers and people who have been on the pages of the site for a long time. You can please them with favorable offers available when clicking on the links indicated in the pop-up window. The correct setting will make the link available only to a limited number of people.

The advantage of the approach is that a kind of Easter egg will help to achieve loyalty from a certain number of visitors to the resource.

Disadvantage – if incorrectly configured, the “secret” window will pop up for absolutely everyone, which will lead the company to losses.

6. Personalization in the mini version

Personalization is not used as actively now as it was a couple of years ago. But in combination with pop-ups, it could work extremely effectively. The developer will only need to set up the automatic filling of the subscription form on the corresponding page and replace all other unnecessary lines with advertising.

This method promises only advantages:

  • You can achieve high conversion rates because the visitor will not need any effort to fill in the fields. Just click on the button.
  • A standard site page will accommodate more ads.

7. Pop-up window inside the page

An unobtrusive way to demonstrate a pop-up window on a website is to place a link to it inside the page. The larger the article, the more pop-up buttons you can place.

Advantages of the tool:

  • Unobtrusive way to show additional information or invite to the newsletter.
  • The conversion rate increases extremely easy since the users themselves click on the buttons to open the pop-up window.

The disadvantage is that the article will contain unnecessary elements, therefore a page tincture will be required. A person who has subscribed or refused it should not meet the same buttons in the text.

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