The Best Technological Advances Used In Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Good old land-based casinos with a limited number of games, absence of bonuses, and queues are already in the past. Nowadays, millions of players gamble online and find it extremely rewarding and convenient.

However, not all online casinos hurry to invest into recent technologies and improvements. But if you want to get the maximum out of gambling, knowing what to look for is a good idea. Here are top-5 technologies which shape the online gambling industry today.


One of the most sensational technologies is blockchain. For many years, it remains at the forefront of changes and has finally reached gambling. If you have already researched low deposit options, visit and also take care of transaction safety. And that is the main scope of blockchain application.

The technology allows making safe and fast deposits and withdrawals. It is a decentralized system that is not controlled by banks or governments. That is why you remain untraceable and fully anonymous. To attract players that use BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies, online casinos offer exclusive bonuses, cashback, and other attractive rewards.

Mobile devices

If you are from the 90s and earlier, you do remember how great it was to have a personal computer. And when the Internet was introduced, we felt like it was Christmas every day of the year! But nowadays more and more users want to work, study, and gamble at any time and place. The smartphone revolution gave us a unique opportunity to enjoy regular activities without a need to be stuck at home.

Statistic shows that over 50% of players gamble on mobile which only proves the importance of this technology. Top casinos have mobile-friendly websites and even native iOS and Android applications. They offer thousands of games, bunch of payment methods, and a great navigation that is as good as on a desktop.

Artificial intelligence

AI is not an enemy from a movie about our future. It is a technology that is shaping the world right now. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, players get access to improved and personalized gambling. Computers detect mistakes, learn, evaluate, and fix the errors without any side interference. This means that online casinos implementing AI remain at the forefront of technologies and can provide players with the best experience. This especially concerns live dealer games which are a perfect blend of two gambling worlds. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Online gambling has changed for good after the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). More and more casinos offer using VR headsets, so players can simulate such titles as poker, blackjack, and slots, and experience the thrills and emotions of land-based gambling. You get a 360° view and can become an actual participant in the process.

AR connects the virtual and real worlds which creates a top-notch immersion into the process. The most popular games that have used AR technology are Pokémon Go, Ingress, Zombies, Run!, Jurassic World Alive, and Kingfall. And while AR is still not common among online casinos, it is only a question of time.

Data protection

No matter how modern and advanced an online casino is. Without solid data and privacy protection, it is not worth a single penny. Especially considering the fact that gambling sites are the most popular targets for hackers. 

Day after day, casinos collect such sensitive information as full names, addresses, phone numbers, and photos of identity documents. And to avoid data leaks, casinos must use the latest security protocols and technologies. Secure Socket Layer is one of them. SSL is a protocol that ensures authentication and privacy of connections. If a casino uses it, the risks of data loss are reduced to the minimum. When choosing a gambling site, make sure that it uses cutting-edge security technologies. 

The future will surprise us all

Even the biggest tech fans find it difficult to follow all the news and trends. New technologies emerge almost every day and they all impact the gambling sphere. Experts predict that in the nearest future, playing on wearables, giving commands with gestures, and even sending brain signals will become a reality. And we can’t wait to witness it!

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