Best TV Service Providers of 2021

Television is, by far, the most widespread source of entertainment in the world. According to Statista, a statistics research company founded a decade and a half ago in Hamburg, Germany; there are currently more than 4.25 billion users of television. Putting things into context, that figure is significantly above half of the people living on the face of this Earth (about eight billion)! Focusing on our country, the United States of America, alone, there are a total of 1775 television stations and 5200 cable systems that are run by six hundred television operators. Because of this entire massive infrastructure, today, approximately nine out of ten citizens of this great country have access to television services. 

From the preceding paragraph, it is easy that television has, in many ways, become a prerequisite for a quality life. One may see no point in enlisting the best providers as if it is a necessity; everyone probably has chosen their preferred television provider already. Well, not exactly. As this country’s economy continues to surge back from the devastating coronavirus shutdowns, many are finding themselves moving to new locations. People who had been previously laid off due to the lockdowns are now finding their next jobs in other locations. On the flip hand, companies that were previously working from home are now moving into new office buildings. In a situation where new real estate is being occupied, the demand for new television connections has increased dramatically. 

If you are also in a situation where you have to choose between different televisions providers, consider yourself lucky to have found this post! We say this with so much surety knowing that we will be listing the television service providers that saw the most success in 2021.


Xfinity TV has remained one of the most reliable providers of television services throughout the past year. Its success is due not only to its cost-effective plans but also due to its standout features. To properly demonstrate how high the value for money is, let us explore one of Xfinity’s popular mid-tier TV plans- Xfinity Digital Extra. For fifty dollars a month in the central states of this country, you get access to more than 140 channels, including FX, TLC, HGTV, and Bravo among many others. Alongside, you get an X1 TV Box, an X1 voice remote, and a free getting-started kit! Its Xfinity DVR feature allows you to watch your favorite shows at whichever time is convenient for you. 


Like Xfinity, Spectrum also remains a dominating force in the television service provision world. Offering multiple packages, Spectrum is the preferred choice for many coming from different areas of the United States. One of the best characteristics of Spectrum’s TV service is the fact that you do not need to sign a contract for multiple years when you subscribe to it. You can give it a shot and if you do not like it, you can switch to another service provider at any time. In today’s competitive world, no one wants to be or should be tied down to one service provider. The fact that Spectrum lets you be a free agent is a strong plus point of choosing the service provider. 


Cox may not be as famous as the service providers mentioned above may but it still deserves a mention because of its highly-appreciated stand-out features that its subscribers valued in the past year. The Cox TV On-Demand video catalog gives you access too many of your favorite movies and television shows. Many of these shows and movies are broadcasted on premium channels like Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Starz Encore, Disney Family Movies, and HBO. Yet another prominent feature of Cox TV is its adaptive television characteristic. Through sophisticated algorithms, Cox TV deciphers the kind of shows you like to watch and suggests them to you so you can have a better experience. Downloading the Cox Network TV apps will also allow you to watch your favorite content on your mobile screen.


Optimum is a television service provider that boasts one of the largest channel lineups in the United States. In fact, you can get access to as many as 420 channels if you subscribe to Optimum TV packages. Alongside, Optimum also allows you to save money by bundling up your television service with internet service through its Double Play packages. For example, one of its packages allows you to access 420 channels as well as the internet as fast as 940 Mbps. You can also add phone service to the mix with its Triply Play options. 


With the hope that we have played our part in helping, you choose between the many television service providers, we say goodbye. Best of luck with your television and everything else in the year 2022!

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