It is not an easy thing to find a perfect chair for you. It’s hard to narrow down which chairs are feature-rich and have the aesthetic you’re aiming for. Adding large, high specifications to the mandatory list can make your search even more difficult. Regardless of size or capacity, the new office chair definitely must have some features you need. Before you embark on your long and great quest, make sure your chair meets the following minimum requirements.


The more adjustable your chair, the more comfortable it will be. The two functions required for all chairs are height and reclining adjustments. These are considered bare bones. If you require a little more comfort, you should find a chair that also offers lumbar support, arm width and height adjustments, seat and back angle adjustments, and tension control. 

Many midrange chairs provide these additional features without breaking the bank. Pneumatic adjustment is common these days, for it controls chair height to the floor.


If you are taller than average and are looking to buy a comfortable office chair, pay attention to the position of your feet. When sitting in a chair, you need to put your feet on the floor and bend your knees 90 degrees. 

If the chair has a seat height adjustment (as found in most regular office chairs), it should be adjustable to a height that allows the feet to reach that particular position. You need plus size office chairs, in order to be comfortable while sitting. Moreover, the position of your back is very important. Most chairs are designed for people of average height, so the backrest of the chair is not very high. 

Many people ignore armrests, which is certainly very significant. When working in an office chair, you may need to rest your arms casually. This requires armrests on both sides of the chair, and it must be the right width. When they are too far apart, this angle for sitting will not be an ideal one. Shoulders will be out of the side, and it will lead to shoulder and neck fatigue.

Slumped posture is very often considered to be a bad posture for it impacts spinal pressure and leads to back injury with time, thus it must be avoided. Another posture is flat posture, where the upper and lower part makes a straight line. In this case, there is little muscle activity and the whole spine will need support from the chair. Some authors advise this posture. However, the issue is the bigger lumbar spine disc pressures, which is why it is not so advocated by medical and rehabilitation communities.


If you work in the office, you know that your body and clothes will be in contact with the chair for a long time. Many people report that just sitting in an office chair makes their skin itchy. Therefore, you should buy a chair made of skin-friendly material.

The office can be a dusty place. In addition, people always love to touch the fabric of office chairs. They touch the chair every time they sit down, lean back, or get out of the chair. This makes the fabric of the office chair very susceptible to dirt. This is another reason to choose a chair made of a material that is resistant to stains or easy to clean. The most common material in the office is vinyl. It is easier to clean and comes in various styles. However, the main disadvantage is it gets quite hot in summer. 

There is no substitute for leather. Luxury oozes from every pore. It looks incredibly good and is easy to maintain, and is always kept clean. Leather is very easy to clean and is considered one of the most durable materials for office chairs. If you want to keep the sparkle clean, just wipe the dirt, and it should work. If you have food, coffee, or other stains on them, you can easily remove them all.

The most important thing about mesh chairs for the office is to provide adequate air circulation while working. This is a very significant factor in comfort. However, ventilation is not the only essential thing when using a grid chair – it looks good too. You can think of it as a triple win because you get a chair with an ergonomic design that is highly breathable and at the same time enhances the interior design.

There are many choices out there, but you can pick one that is best for you, one that will last a long time, and that supports your style as well.