Tile is one of the most popular forms of flooring among homeowners. In 2024, over two billion square feet of ceramic tile was installed in homes in the United States.

If you need new flooring installation, tile is the preferred choice because of its durability, low maintenance, and beauty. You may wonder what the difference is between porcelain and ceramic tile.

Read on to learn more about these floor options, so you can choose the material that’s right for you.

Tile Basics

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are made using a combination of refined clay and other elements that are kiln-fired at extremely high temperatures. While both are manufactured using generally the same process, porcelain tiles are more durable than ceramic.

You can choose glazed or unglazed tiles to achieve your desired look. While both are beautiful to look at, porcelain tends to last longer and is more resistant to chipping than its ceramic counterpart.

Overall, both of these materials are the Best Flooring for Your Basement compared to wood or vinyl. While the differences between the two are minor, it’s important to note them to help you select the right option for you.

Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles: Main Differences

In terms of color, porcelain tile uses the same color throughout, so chips and cracks aren’t as obvious. Ceramic tile uses a glazed surface for coloring, making any dings or chips much easier to see.

As for the finish of ceramic vs porcelain tiles, most porcelain tiles are smoother, while ceramic tends to be coarser. Finally, ceramic is not as dense as porcelain, which means it’s lighter and a bit less durable.

If you’re concerned about durability, porcelain may be a better choice for rooms with heavy foot traffic. If price is a concern, ceramic tends to cost less per square foot due to the coloring and finishing process.

Maintenance and Care

When considering getting new floors, the maintenance and care of your flooring is an extremely important factor to consider. Overall, both porcelain and ceramic are easy to clean and maintain by sweeping and mopping them regularly. Place area rugs or mats over your floors to help them last longer and prevent damage or stains. 

Some ceramic tiles are porous, which means if you spill something on them, it could leave a permanent stain if it’s not cleaned up right away. Ideally, porcelain is a better choice for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms where moisture and liquids are present.

If you drop something heavy on your ceramic tile floors, the tile could crack or break. Porcelain is a lot harder, making it a better option in homes with kids or pets.

Find Your Perfect Flooring

Keep these factors in mind when considering ceramic vs porcelain tiles for your home. Both are beautiful, affordable, and will provide your home with many years of beautiful flooring in any room.

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