To get the privilege of video freedom on your mobile device or PC, it is very much important to have advanced video converter software choices in which this software allows you to change one type of the video file format into another format.

There are a lot of uses are out for this software for converting the video file into different formats. In general, you can find a wide range of video converter software on the internet where some are found to be available for free and others are paid versions.

In which the free video converter supports basic services and features whereas the paid version of video converter software supports advanced features of video conversion. The video converter is simple to use and it has a simplistic function only thing is that you need to find the best video conversion software on the internet to get your work done.

The Top Features of a Great Video Converter Should Have

When you are choosing the best and most reliable video converter software it is very much important that you need to consider the unique needs and services offered by the software. 

If you are in need of versatile software that supports a variety of file types then there is a list of video converter software is out in the market from which you can choose the one.

Following are some of the key features that should be supported by a great video converter for getting the best experience. They are:

  • Audio and video formats supported –The true fact is that all video conversion application supports the most popular file formats namely AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, and FLV. There is some popular video converter software that offers conversion of all file types for free while others provide only have several file type conversions.
  • Conversion Speed – This is found to be the most important factor which you need to check on the video converter software for achieving better performance in converting the video format.
  • Cost – Most of the video converter software price ranges from $20 to $60 so it is the best choice to consider the features and services supported by the video converter once if it is worth your pay then it is advisable to purchase the converter programs.
  • Ease of use – Even though there is a wide range of video converter software are available try to choose the software that is user-friendly. So, that you can make use of the software in the best way.
  • Optimization profiles – When you are going with the best video converter then does not simply support the swap-out file extension for another in which this converter software includes the pre-programmed optimization profiles that convert the video based on the file format supported on the device.
  • Editing tools – there are some times when you don’t want to convert certain items in your video file and wish to make some changes in the video. For this reason, the video converter software provides the basic video editing tools that allow you to make basic functions like crop, trim, and enhance the quality of the video.
  • Support system – Any software must come with a good customer support system so that if users encounter any problems, they can get the solutions fast. Also, you can see how to reach the support, is that by email, phone, live chat, and online forum or knowledge base.

The Recommended Best Video Converter

From a huge list of video converter programs, VideoProc Converter is found to be the best and recommended by the experts where this software supports both basic and advanced video conversion services.

The basic functions like converting videos from one format to another and it supports many devices including PC/Mac, and portable devices like smartphones, and gadgets.

VideoProc Converter also supports 4K video where it functions and works well on this video file format. You can use this tool to stabilize the videos that might be shaky, adjust the volume and playback speed, remove red eyes, and many more.

VideoProc program is less complicated than the advanced tools yet it comes with rich-editing features that do not exist on the freeware video converters. Apart from the basic functions like resize, merge, cut, flip, trim, adjust audio and video files, flip and convert the VideoProc software supports a wide range of advanced features.

This converting software is available for a free trial and you can convert your video to another file format by making use of several other functionalities. With the help of this tool, you can extract the JPEG and GIF from your video, remove the unnecessary background noise and add the watermarks when required.


Video converting software helps you in minimizing your workload and time spend on converting the video to different file formats by visiting online video conversion sites.

With so many video converters available on the market, choosing a truly reliable converter is not an easy task. Luckily, this article let you know what to consider if you want to get a good converter and also recommended the VideoProc converter for your audio video conversion needs. Else, you also can visit this site to read more in-depth reviews on different multimedia software.