Advertising is a powerful agent for business success. If you want to see your business grow, one way to improve your advertising is to take advantage of pay-per-click campaigns!

With a PPC ad, you will pay a set fee every time a user clicks your ad. It’s a cost-effective strategy for marketing businesses online – but clicks don’t always lead to sales.

For a campaign worth the cost, avoid making these PPC campaign mistakes.

1. A Mismatched Landing Page

Here’s a surefire way to lose a conversion: advertising one thing, and showing another. When users click your ad, they expect to find more about what you promised them! If they end up on a landing page without the details they’re looking for, they’ll click away.

Make sure your landing page matches your advertisement! Deliver on your promises, and you’ll make more sales.

2. Not Including Negative Keywords

Some keywords can mislead the people following your links. That will lead to empty clicks and lower sales.

As part of your strategy, include keywords that should not lead to your ad ranking in results. You want to be as targeted as possible to get the most out of each click.

3. Neglecting Geo-Targeting

You can ensure that the right people see your ad by enabling geo-targeting! This means that people in a specific area will see your ad.

It’s perfect for any business strategy, but small, local businesses especially benefit from implementing this feature! If you don’t use it, your campaign will be less focused.

4. Lackluster Copy

To get clicks, your copy needs to be engaging! This is the first step to convincing a customer to make a purchase!

Be friendly, positive, and relatable in your copy. Include a clear call-to-action or next step on your ads, such as “click here” or “learn more” to get curious clickers on your site! 

5. The Wrong Keywords

Your options for keywords are limitless – but choosing the right ones can make a huge difference in your campaign! To avoid the wrong keywords, consider beyond the present. Long-tail clicks will gain you more conversions over time than trending keywords!

You can also test keywords by trying different options and observing your analytics. Be sure not to change too many variables at once, or you won’t know what changes improved your results.

6. Setting and Forgetting

Don’t let your ads stagnate! Part of a great digital marketing strategy is updating it over time. Your PPC ad isn’t going to last forever.

Redesign your ads to match the season, or to advertise for different sales and campaigns. Follow this link to learn more about managing PPC advertising on a long-term basis:

Avoid Making PPC Campaign Mistakes and Drive Conversion Up

PPC campaign mistakes can make all your hard work at marketing go to waste. Avoid these errors and start reaping all the PPC advertising benefits you can today!

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