In the previous era, the world witnessed several lawyers turning into political leaders for guiding the masses with their sharp intellect. From Gandhi to Thatcher and Mandela to Obama – there are numerous examples of the world being affected by a lawyer’s insights. This profession is ancient, with historical connections to the Greco-Roman Civilization. While other careers decline, attorneys will remain crucial for the functioning of the modern-day world. From courtrooms to corporations – lawyers today serve different functions in the United States. 

There are several compelling reasons why people should pursue this field. So, what are the benefits of pursuing law as your career in 2024

? Let’s find out more about it here.

Reasons for pursuing law as a career

You can’t deny that law remains one of the most popular academic disciplines universally right now. But its mere popularity doesn’t motivate youngsters to pursue this profession. It also offers financial stability to students and allows them to thrive in an intellectually stimulating occupation. 

Everyone – both individuals and organizations – need the assistance of lawyers/attorneys at some point in their lifetime. Besides these points, we also have several other reasons youngsters should pursue a career in law. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Degrees are digital

Distance learning opportunities serve as the primary reason you should pursue a law career in 2024. Today, digital education allows you to study in a flexible, affordable, and convenient fashion. It eliminates the cost of traveling, and tuition expenses are comparatively lower. However, it’s better to check for the duration and eligibility requirements of particular law fields, such as criminal justice.

For instance, how long does it take to get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in 2024? Well, since you can complete this program in four years, it’s suitable for working students who simultaneously want to improve their legal skills.

  1. Challenge your intellect

Do you enjoy solving riddles and answering puzzles? If yes, you can pursue the academic pathway to study the law properly. It challenges your intellect and prepares you to deal with moral/ethical dilemmas. Should the freedom of speech be absolute? Can we legalize marijuana? Try to answer these queries. Similar problems await you once you’ve decided to pursue law as a career. 

It may interest you to see that law-related studies are filled with real-life examples of these puzzles to awaken your curiosity.

  1. Huge financial rewards

Attorneys are some of the most well-paid individuals in the world right now. Estimates prove that the national average compensation for lawyers lied beyond $140,000 in 2019, as per BLS. However, it’s crucial to remember that a lawyer’s salary relies on their education and experience. 

Some novice lawyers quickly improve their capabilities and become well-versed. Networking is also one factor that assists them in this regard.

  1. Hone debating capabilities

A lawyer must present their arguments orally in court. So, pursuing this occupation will hone your discussion/argument capabilities drastically. However, a limited number of people possess the skill of debating properly and defending their viewpoint before others. Earning a law-related degree enables you to argue peacefully and convincingly. 

What’s more, this skill often comes in handy when you’re dealing with daily affairs. 

  1. Different career options

Many law-related jobs are available in public/private sectors for students who have pursued degrees in relevant fields. You can become a mediator, paralegal, probation officer, immigration lawyer, and legislative assistant, among several careers. It depends on your skillset; you can decide to defend people in your state as a defense attorney or help protect innocents as a criminal prosecutor. Now, the ball’s in your court! 

There are several specialties in this field, including:

  • Divorce attorney
  • Real estate lawyer
  • Birth injuries lawyer
  • Mesothelioma lawyer
  • Traveling compensation lawyer, etc.
  1. Several growth opportunities

This profession continues to grow in popularity as the world needs more and more lawyers to serve the business industry. BLS estimates that the employment of attorneys will grow 9% in this decade as new jobs are opened for legal experts. Even during the pandemic, the world needed lawyers for their legal acumen. 

So, you will observe numerous growth and career advancement opportunities as you enter this vocation. The future seems bright for youngsters pursuing law-related degrees now.

  1. Expand your perspective

Your perspective becomes universal as you become an attorney since corporations are crossing the borders today while expanding globally. Mergers/acquisitions are happening worldwide because due to which the law-related profession has become universal today. So, a law-related degree allows folks to easily interact with international clients/customers. It hones your knowledge about foreign laws. 

That’s how you serve your global clients capably while collaborating with foreign counsel as well.

  1. Enjoy job security

Lawyers enjoy immense job security when they have the required experience. Besides being some of the most well-paid professions in the world right now, they mostly work 40 hours/week. Also, a survey shows that 75% of lawyers work outside of usual hours. Still, only 39% of lawyers believe that it’s negatively influenced their well-being. Since lawyers are in-demand professionals, they shouldn’t worry about switching employment positions. 

  1. Protect human rights

Do you remember the story of Ricky Jackson? He was wrongfully convicted, then sentenced to death for a murder he didn’t commit and spent almost four decades in prison. His exoneration shows how lawyers could help protect human rights and prevent any miscarriage of justice. A law-related career allows you to improve society and save people from being oppressed. You can fight for indigenous people’s rights or combat on behalf of the unfortunate. Opportunities are endless.


We’ve discussed that lawyers/attorneys enjoy immense respect in the world today. There’s more than one reason youngsters should pursue a law-related career in the 21st century. This vocation offers different career options and several growth opportunities to success-oriented individuals. It helps folks improve their “soft skills” and become better at communicating with clients, colleagues, and customers. Besides, you can now earn a law-related degree digitally in four years with more flexibility than physical degrees. This career encourages you to challenge your intellect and expand your perspective. Moreover, some people are motivated by the rich financial rewards of pursuing this field.