So, you’ve finally found the love of your life, and you want to mark this momentous occasion by having a unique wedding proposal. But who said that it has to be all about him? Now’s the time for your creative side to shine and show off your romantic side. Here are several reasons why hiring a florist is an excellent idea:

1) Expect the unexpected

Floral arrangements can be shaped into virtually any form imaginable, so dare to dream big. For instance, an impressive-looking surprise wedding proposal involves hiding the ring inside a bouquet. All you need is to hire Singapore’s premier florist and rest assured that everything will go according to plan.

2) Your personalized flower arrangement

As part of your engagement package, you may request your floral arrangement. You could ask your florist in Singapore to use specific colors or even incorporate some photos into the design. Be creative when brainstorming ideas with them; it is your special day.

3) Your bouquet speaks volumes

It’s not easy to articulate your feelings, particularly when nervous. However, the sight of an enormous bouquet with heartfelt words like “I can’t live without you” will do wonders in reassuring your partner that he is the only one for you. The good news is that this type of flower arrangement is practically custom-made.

4) There are more ways than one to get hitched

The wedding proposal does not have to be one proposal fits all. Generally, men tend to go down on one knee and ask for their loved one’s hand in marriage, while women are typically presented with a ring during dinner or when they least expect it. However, if you want to be different, why not flip the script? You can propose to your partner while at work or perhaps even while both of you are traveling overseas.

5) Saying “I do” never looked this good

Your wedding day should be perfect from start to finish – right down to the last detail. Everything must reflect your style and taste, from stunning bridal bouquets that will leave everyone asking where you purchased them from to flower arrangements used during the ceremony. You’ll be thankful that you hired a florist in Singapore to handle your wedding flowers because, rest assured, they would have put in the same amount of effort and creativity to make sure everything looks perfect.

6) Say it with flowers

Instead of the card after card, why not send your Valentine unique floral arrangements? They are personalized just for him or her. He would also appreciate the gesture rather than receiving an avalanche of cards from your friends and relatives.

7) It’s all about quality over quantity

When hiring a florist in Singapore for your big day, do not go for one who offers cheap rates at the expense of quality. Try to visit to experience their high-quality service. Remember that flower arrangements will be displayed during your engagement photoshoot as well as during your wedding ceremony, so you want to make sure that they are perfect in every way. Remember that quality comes first.


Before you head off to your special day, you must hire a florist who is an expert in crafting customized flower arrangements for weddings. You may even consider sending them an inspiration photo of what kind of floral arrangement you like so they can work their magic.