Have you ever thought about addressing a surrogate mother? Surrogacy is a complicated and expensive service. So, it is important to choose the best country. The cost is another important issue.

What is the price of surrogacy in Colombia? You may choose affordable agencies, such as the World Center of Baby. Yet, the average price ranges from 55000 to 100000 euros. It is expensive. Yet, it is a bit lower than in most other countries.

The cost depends on the number of services you order. It also differs depending on the program you choose. It can be a single program or a double program. If you order extra services or materials in the clinic, you should pay more.

Surrogacy in Colombia: What does It Require?

People in Colombia accept surrogacy. Yet, there are a lot of rules for a woman to become a surrogate mother. The mother must have no less than one child. All the surrogacy process is followed by constant medical examination. The mother must go through screening in the agency. It is important to strictly follow the law about surrogacy.

People in Colombia may also order gestational surrogacy. It means that the surrogate mother has no connection to the child she bears. The future parents will be the child’s biological parents. There is no discrimination against surrogacy in Colombia. Gay couples may have a child just like the others. So, it is a perfect place for LGBT families to order surrogacy.

Surrogacy Agency in Colombia: What is the Advantage?

The laws and cost of surrogacy are affordable. Yet, the best option is to order the service from an international agency. International clinics have common rules and contracts for all the countries. The cost is lower than the average cost in Colombia.

What agency should you choose? The World Center of Baby offers you such services in different kinds of surrogacy:

  1. Gestational surrogacy
  2. Gay couples surrogacy
  3. Extra services

You may also order In Vitro Fertilization. It means that the future parents have a biological connection with their child.

The World Center of Baby provides hotels for the intended parents. The agency may transport the materials to other countries. Yet, such services need more payment. You may use a forum to look through all the rules and extra service fees in the clinic.

Surrogacy Laws in Colombia and How They Govern the Process

In Colombia, there are no certain laws on surrogacy. Yet, the court rules surrogacy as there is a legal precedent on it. It controls the contracts about the service.

It is important to get legal representation. The surrogate mother and future parents must sign the contract before the pregnancy. They should decide in advance where the child will be born. The future parents have the right to look through the mother’s medical certificates.

The law protects human rights. That is why LGBT couples have legal permission to order surrogacy. They have the same rights as other clients. Gay families are considered the child’s biological parents and sign contracts.