The Common Law Admission Test or CLAT is a national exam conducted for law aspirants. It evaluates the aspirants interested in taking admission in national law universities. The CLAT Exam is one of the most challenging exams in the country, with an acceptance rate of approximately only 1% due to the stiff competition all over the nation. Therefore, candidates must prepare for the CLAT Exam with immense concentration. 

BYJU’s Exam Prep helps candidates prepare for CLAT by providing all the necessary study materials and guidance to pass the exam.

How to Crack CLAT by Self-Studying

Since CLAT is a highly tricky exam, candidates need to prepare thoroughly to crack the exam. Therefore, candidates need to self-study to ace the exams with adequate guidance. 

Plan and prepare a timetable: A timetable is a must for self-studying. The syllabus of the CLAT exam is vast. To cover all the syllabus topics, candidates must prepare a comprehensive schedule. In that timetable, they must cover all the topics of the syllabus based on their difficulty level. They must also ensure to study daily to understand the CLAT syllabus topics. If they do not learn daily, they will be out of touch with the syllabus topics, and their preparation process will not be successful. Therefore, the candidates must make a preparation plan covering all the subjects, improving their strengths, and working on their weaknesses. 

Clear your basics: Having a solid foundation in law and general knowledge is essential for self-studying. You need to clear your basic knowledge about the CLAT syllabus to study independently. A solid base will help you understand and learn the syllabus quickly. 

Once your basics are absolutely crystal clear, you will not need any additional guidance, and self-studying will be sufficient enough for you to crack CLAT. Click here to check the syllabus as well as exam preparation study materials for the exam. 

Be focussed: One of the critical features of self-studying is the undivided focus. Without focus, you can not cover the vast syllabus of the CLAT Exam. There are times when aspirants get distracted, stray from their goals, and ruin their chances of clearing CLAT. Avoid getting distracted. It would be best if you only concentrate on clearing CLAT. Self-studying will be sufficient for you to clear the CLAT exam. 

Solve mock tests and previous years’ question papers frequently: Solve mock tests and last years’ question papers will help you understand the type of questions during the CLAT exam. This way, you will get an insight into your strengths, weaknesses, the areas you need to work on, the critical areas of the syllabus. In addition, solving these tests will also help you adhere to the prescribed time limit of the CLAT exam and maintain it during the exam. 

So, if you are looking for a platform to guide you through the CLAT preparation process and provide you with mock tests and all the information related to CLAT, then BYJU’s Exam Prep is the right platform for you. 

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