Marketing is the only tool that goes beyond your business and promotes it in specific ways so that it can reach the greatest number of potential customers. This is the basic strategy of the marketing department of every company regardless of the field they are functioning in. Throughout history, numerous genius marketing moves led to sales booms. For instance, there is a narrative that Santa Clause was Coca-Cola’s invention for better sales results – Santa Clause is wearing red and white attire. Coincidence? Besides some amazing ads, there are some pretty unique ways that you can promote your brand and decorations are one of them. Here you can see how. 

Custom Printed Trash Can Covers 

A previously mentioned instance of marketing going beyond the business itself is best explained by this example. Namely, custom printed trash can covers are an extremely unique way to promote your business by simply dressing up the trash can. By applying this promotion method you can promote anything, starting from the business, school, organization, sports team, etc. To experience how amazing this can look you just need to go at and see how the trash can may be one of the most striking points at the event. These covers can transform the entire space and attract attention to your brand. And, this is the main aim, to attract attention to the brand in the places and with the things no one expected. 


You cannot go wrong with the posters. Back in time, posters were the only way to promote your brand, and the poster designers of those times understood their assignment and created small pieces of art delivering a strong message and drawing attention to the brand itself. Since nowadays aesthetics have quite changed, and graphic designers pushed the envelope quite far, you cannot just go with the simplified and crude posters. These hold no ability to attract the customer’s attention except if you do not want to use reverse psychology and attract it with the bad design. You might be asking yourself how come the posters can be decorations? Believe it or not, there are people collecting brand posters and selling them at auctions and we have all been guilty of wanting to hang that favorite movie poster on the bedroom wall. So, it is a smart move to make your brand’s posters so attractive that someone wishes to hang them on the wall of their living room.  

Figurines and Toys 

Everyone loves small home decorations that can make their home stand out. This is a signal for the companies to make a special line of figurines to represent the brand and therefore attract the attention of consumers. No company should underestimate the power of these decorations. It is not that they can help in brand promotion but can have quite a high price on the market. This is not surprising if we take into consideration decorations produced by some luxurious brands. If you achieve something unique enough to intrigue, success is guaranteed. 

You might be asking yourself can toys help in brand promotion? Well, they can. A lot. Consideration companies like MediCom – are producing worldwide famous Bearbrick dolls that are custom designed and regularly reach sky-high prices on the market. This company made its mark through some impeccable collaborations like the one with LEGO, or with some designer brands like GUCCI which had the dolls imprinted with the clothing items bearing the recognizable GUCCI pattern, and even produced their dolls in full. This is something you can do with your brand and not only promote it but establish your position in a completely new market. 


Personal decorations are also an awesome way to promote your brand. Almost all brands function in multiple business branches and therefore the production of accessories as the items that can help in the promotion is a great deal. It might appear to you that keychain production for the sake of promotion is just crazy. But it is not. If just a single person hangs it on their keys, it might intrigue people around them how they get it and which company it represents. Accessories for everyday use like pens and pencils with the company’s logo, keychains, stationeries are the ones attracting loads of attention. Aim to promote your brand through the items circulating among people. 

Promotion of the brand can be quite a task if we take into consideration the competition on the nowadays market. Therefore, the invention of some unique ways of promotion is the move that can make your brand make an even bigger impact.