Making playlists on Spotify definitely is one of the most fun and engaging processes _ you can share your music with millions of other listeners. Having a playlist with a high number of followers is not only satisfying but also an amazing way to support your favorite artists to gain new fans and listeners. If you want to make your playlist popular, you are in the right place. In this article, we have a few tips and tricks that helped many creators to attract new followers like a magnet and gain popularity within a short period of time.

  1. Be picky

Adding new songs into the playlist should become a challenge. Make sure you think twice and make good choices. Your job while making a list is to pick only the best song out of thousands. Before you drop a new track in the playlist ask yourself a question Do I Really like it? Will it work with other songs? If honest answers aren’t YES, try to resist and do not add. Maybe you have another playlist more suitable for that song and if not, create a new one. A good selection really is something that people seek while choosing a playlist.

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  1. Use the same name

Of course, you can play around and change the name of the playlist at first, but after it gains a significant amount of followers do not change it anymore. Changing the title affects Spotify’s internal promotion and affects your follower growth. Other creators mention this fact when they changed the playlist name after having 40k followers and their follower growth dropped from 60 per day to only 1-2 per day. Numbers grow back when they change the name back to the previous one. After having a good amount of followers try not to touch the title anymore and keep it the same.

  1. Put the best on the top

The first song on your playlist will be the one that will be played most often. Viewers will check the first song and make up their mind _ they will follow or leave. Put in the first place the song that you are most excited about. In general, try to have your favorite track at the first 8-10 spots of the playlist, this is the most played ones. Make sure they flow nicely one after another. This is what will make your playlist pleasant to listen to, will help you to gain new followers, and keep old ones coming back to your selection.

  1. Have a meaningful title

It is not saying what type of metal music you have collected in your list, or which decade it is from. It makes it hard to know exactly what will be on your list. Add more specific genres and artists, it will help viewers to have a better image and precise expectations.

Adding a more specific genre _ “Doom metal” or “atmospheric Black Metal” is more descriptive and brings more clarity.

Add artist names (more famous ones or your favorites) _ “Alcest”, “Draconian” and so on will be even more clear for everyone, which bands they’ll find in the list.

These tips work as SEO as well,  your playlist will pop up in the search results once someone searches out the band or genre you mentioned in your playlist title.

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  1. Use aesthetic cover art

Sometimes cover art can have greater power over the viewer than playlist content and name. Try to get inspiration from album covers and find attractive pictures that will match the overall mood and vibe. You can visit some free source websites and discover digital artists, photographers, and illustrators. use their art pieces, but do not forget to give them credit, mention their name or social media username in your playlist bio. 

Also, you can unleash your inner artist and create cover art by yourself. It is up to you, just make sure you decorate your playlist with an eye-catching cover image that will attract people and spark interest just by looking at it.

  1. It takes time

Just like anything else. It’s less likely that your playlist will go viral overnight, be consistent, update your content regularly, and follow the tips we gave you. You’ll notice followers’ growing tendency after no time putting consistent effort. Of course, you can buy Spotify playlist followers and go a few steps further into developing a popular playlist, but this is just an option. Having a good strategy will work just as fine.

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These are the tips and methods that most creators applied in their approach and worked successfully for them, they should work for you as well. Keep your content quality and standards on a high level and enjoy the process of creation. After no time you’ll enjoy the number of people that chose to follow your work and taste and to have fun with you.