Are you happy with your home? Roughly 75% of Americans who bought homes during the pandemic are happy with their homes.

Even if you’re happy with the home, there are probably minor things you’d want to change. You don’t need to take out a renovation loan either.

You just have to get creative and find easy home improvement projects to work on. You can dramatically change the look of your home with small DIY home improvement projects.

Read on to find out the top five small improvement projects for your home.

1. Paint the Front Door

The front door is a magnet for attention. A blah-looking front door doesn’t grab attention, but a bright, bold color will.

This is the easiest way to transform the exterior of the house and all it will cost you is a can of paint.

2. Switch Out Hardware

The hardware around your home tells people a lot about your style. Do you tend to have a classic style or do you gravitate towards sleek and modern designs?

If the style doesn’t reflect your tastes, then it’s time for a simple change. Get new hardware for doors, fixtures, and cabinets.

Shop for all types of hardware at the same time to maintain a consistent style.

3. Create a Pathway

Do you want a safe path around your yard or to your front door? A walkway is easy to install and you have a way to connect the yard to your home.

If you want a cheap walkway, add gravel and mulch to the pathway. Stones and gravel are other options. A high-end option is a walkway made of pavers.

Another bonus of a pathway around your yard is that it cuts down on dirt and mud that gets into the house.

4. Upgrade Mirrors

Mirrors can do so much for a room and your home. They’re more than functional pieces of glass. They can make a room seem larger and brighter.

If you have cheap and basic mirrors around your home, give them an upgrade by visiting a glass shop. You might have older mirrors around your home that are worth restoring.

If you want to make the most of mirrors, hang them across from windows. They’ll reflect natural light and give a room a fresh, bright look.

5. Power Wash Your House

A power washer can work miracles on your house. It removes dirt, debris, and grime that builds up over years.

You have to be careful with power washers. They’re powerful enough to remove the paint along with everything else.

A gas power washer is strong enough to remove dirt without taking the paint off.

After you’re done with the house, do the deck, driveway, and walkways. They’ll end up looking brand new.

You don’t need to spend thousands on a new power washer. Just rent one from your local home improvement store.

Easy Home Improvement Projects

These easy home improvement projects prove that you can make a big difference with a small budget. Try one of these small home improvement projects and see for yourself.

If you want more home improvement tips, check out the blog today!

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