Whether you’re hosting a party that will include guests of all ages, a corporate event, or any other type of event that needs to be family-friendly, it can be challenging to figure out how to please everyone. After all, family-friendly doesn’t have to mean clowns and children’s characters leaving the adults searching for another cocktail.

There are multiple types of entertainment that can work and be successful for diverse groups, minus any vulgar or potentially offensive material. One recent survey found parents are so busy they have no time for fun with their kids, so this could be the opportunity you’re looking for, depending on the event, of course. 


A great magician can mesmerize all ages, providing an exciting, engaging, and interactive experience for everyone. In fact, this type of entertainment is one of the most versatile options available. Shows can be tailored to suit those in the audience, ensuring that they hold the attention of younger ones while the adults are entertained too. And, another plus, magicians can usually perform indoors or out. 

Balloon Artists

Balloon artists aren’t just for kids’ parties, but any family-friendly function, even a corporate event. They perform works of art with their twisting and turning of balloons there transformed into just about anything – perhaps working with the theme of your event or taking requests. 

This type of art has become more popular than ever, with even some of the wealthiest, big-name celebrities such as Jay-Z and Beyonce, and well-known companies like Pixar, Disney, and Universal hiring them.

Christian Rap Artists

While rap has gotten a bad rap (pardon the pun) for vulgar language, it’s an entirely different story when it comes to Christian rap artists. You won’t have to worry about what little ears might hear, or grandma getting offended with the lyrics typically more uplifting. 

Hula Dancers

Hula dancers, especially when they include audience participation, can be an excellent fit for a family-friendly event. Children are naturally drawn to the graceful, fluid movements, and they can learn something about Hawaiian culture too. It would be hard to find an adult of any age that didn’t enjoy this type of performance either.

Circus Acts

There are lots of different family-friendly circus acts, like jugglers who might juggle while riding a unicycle, spin plates, perform balancing acts, and more. Or, book a contortionist, something that can fit just about any theme or occasion, performed to music of any genre. It’s inspirational and incredibly impressive. 

Professional aerialists can put on a customized cirque and aerial show tailored to an individual audience, performing high-flying acrobatic acts that add flair to any event, from weddings and private parties to fundraisers, conferences, and trade shows.

Fire Dancers

There is unlikely anyone who wouldn’t be thrilled by a fire dancing act. These performances wow audiences of all types around the world with their visually stunning shows that are appropriate for every age. 

They can use a variety of props like hoops and fans to manipulate real fire with captivating movements. It might include fire eating, fire breathing, acrobatics, and more, with performances choreographed to set playlists. Plus, they can be used for an entire stage show or as pop-up performances, timed throughout the event to keep things interesting.