Top 5 Favorite Programming Languages among Web Developers

Programming Languages

Even if you are just studying web development, you probably know that it is divided into two aspects. They are front-end developers and back-end developers. It is understandable that these two aspects possess a corresponding set of instruments and technologies. For example, as a rule, Frontend Development is usually associated with such names as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

When we speak about Backend Development, it is required to utilize backend programming languages. With their help, a website will function together with different instruments and technologies. Some of them are web servers, databases, frameworks, and so on.

We have already mentioned that a lot of web programming languages exist. Thus, it is complicated to determine the best backend language. You should select a programming language taking into account different parameters. Some of them are project requirements, dependability, or performance.

Moreover, you should take into account the demand and popularity of concrete programming languages, particularly if you are planning to learn a programming language for your future career in a mobile app development company. The reason is that there is no necessity to study outdated or unpopular programming languages in the tech world. Now, let’s move to the enumeration of the most popular web development languages.


When the dedicated development team is discussed, the name of JavaScript will surely be mentioned. If you familiarize yourself with yearly reports of different popular platforms, you will find out that JavaScript is considered one of the widely selected languages in the world. One of the main reasons for such an indicator is that JavaScript can be utilized by front-end web developers and back-end web developers.

If we look at some past tendencies and statistics, we will find out that the utilization of JavaScript backend language has increased due to the recognizability of Node.js. At the same time, this language offers various useful functions for backend development. Some of them are lightweight scripting language, object-oriented programming support, huge community support, etc. Facebook, Google, eBay are just several popular websites that are utilizing JavaScript.


Python language is pretty popular among web developers due to its reconcilability with advanced technologies. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the Python programming language is often utilized and useful for backend web development. Let us tell you that even Google being one of the IT giants relies on Python programming language to a large extent. Python programming language is one of the three main languages utilized by Google.

You may wonder what benefits you can get from the utilization of the Python programming language. One of the main advantages of the Python language is its great assemblage of conventional libraries. This can make the job of web developers simpler and efficient. You can also visit and receive immediate and professional help with software development.

Among other unique functions of the Python programming language, we can highlight better code readability, simpler integration with other languages, portability, and many others. These features make Python language one of the most preferred languages among web developers. Spotify, Pinterest, Instacart are some of the popular websites that are utilizing Python programming language.


Java is another representative of backend programming languages. This programming language is oriented on objects and is often utilized for developing web apps of enterprise-scale together with the development of android apps, desktop apps, and scientific apps.

Java works on the principle “Write Once Run Anywhere”. This is one of the greatest benefits of the usage of the Java language. This means that it is possible to execute compiled Java code on different platforms that maintain Java and recompilation is not required.

Moreover, the Java language supports multithreading. This enables the implementation of more than two threads for higher usage of CPU simultaneously. Among other useful functions of the Java programming language, we can highlight independence on the platform, rich open-source libraries, portability, and many others. LinkedIn and Yahoo are examples of popular websites that are utilizing Java programming language.


Ruby is regarded as a programming language for general purposes. It maintains different programming paradigms for example functional, procedural, and programming that is oriented on objects. The Ruby programming language is often utilized for web development. Moreover, if you are a beginner and you have only started to work in backend web development, Ruby programming language is advised for you since it is simpler to learn.

The Ruby programming language is similar to the Python programming language since it concentrates on increasing the productivity of web developers. As a result, the web development process will be fastened. This language maintains almost every main platform for example Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, it is worth mentioning that the Ruby programming language is based on several programming languages for instance Lisp, Ada, Perl, etc.

The Ruby programming language offers a set of useful features. Some of the main functions are a large standard library, flexibility, automatic garbage collection, scalability, and many others. Shopify and Airbnb are representatives of popular websites that are utilizing the Ruby language.


C# is a language that is permanently included in the best programming languages list for several years. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that this language for general purposes was developed by Microsoft from the start first of all for the .Net framework.

The C# programming language is used in back-end web development and started to be widely utilized in different areas for example in the development of Windows apps, game development, and many others. The C# offers many useful functions. Some of them are interoperability, language that is oriented on components, quicker compilation, etc. Moreover, this programming language offers libraries that assist to fasten and increase the efficiency of the development process for web developers.

Thus, if the programming language you are looking for, should be oriented on a backend web developer, it is recommended to try the C# programming language. GoDaddy and Stack Overflow are popular websites that are utilizing the C# language.

Time for a Conclusion 

Knowledge of programming languages is required for web developers. Since there are many programming languages with unique and helpful features, it is complicated to define the best language for web developers. 

We have discussed only several web programming languages you can regard for studying. It is advisable for web developers to learn as many languages as possible. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that before selecting concrete programming languages to learn, there is a need to take into account different individual facets such as requirements to your project and your goals.