Aside from making you look good, the right activewear will help improve your workout efficiency and keep you comfortable. Fitness apparel manufacturers look for ways to enhance fitness and activewear. They solve the following issues for sports lovers:

  • Remove sweat and moisture
  • Reduce odor
  • Avoid stretching and losing shape
  • Protection from the harsh ultra-violet rays
  • Reduce skin irritation
  • Keep bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing
  • Protect the body from cold and water

The solution to most of these issues lies in the choice of apparel fabric. The fitness fabric determines the apparel strength, odor, moisture-wicking properties, comfort, and style. So, if you’re looking for the best sports and activewear clothing, start by selecting the best material for the job.

Let’s look at some of the latest fitness apparel fabrics available today. Most of these materials are already adopted by well-known fitness apparel brands. Meanwhile, some are available only from small-scale manufacturers. Consider the pros and cons of material properties and features to decide which one works for your kind of sport or fitness activity.

Super Soft Bamboo

Bamboo is not just a building material. The pulp from this natural material makes it very soft, comfortable, active, and sportswear. Bamboo fabric has many excellent properties. It’s light, so you’ll find it relaxing. It’s breathable, so sweat and moisture evaporate instantly. Finally, it has anti-static properties, so it protects your body well.

Bamboo fabric is the best choice for outdoor sports as it keeps harmful UV rays from damaging the skin. It also regulates body temperature, so you’re relaxed and comfortable as you work out.

Comfort All The Way with Cotton

Cotton will always be one of the best workout fabrics. It’s comfortable and keeps sweat and odor away. It is a natural fabric that keeps odor-causing bacteria out. Many sports and workout apparel are made from pure cotton, while some are from cotton plus other natural or synthetic materials.

Pure cotton is soft and comfortable, but it’s not the best during high-intensity workouts. This fabric absorbs too much moisture and sweat, so you’ll feel heavy. It’s best to go with workout clothes made from cotton blends instead.

Full Protection with GORE-TEX

Fitness clothing and apparel with a GORE-TEX surface keep you protected from the elements. It is a synthetic layer that covers natural or synthetic fabrics, keeping water and wind off. GORE-TEX also allows the skin to breathe, so you’ll still feel comfortable even during long workout sessions.

You’ll find jackets, gloves, and footwear protected by GORE-TEX. Running shoes and shirts with this material can resist tough workouts even in the rain or during cold weather.

Body Flattering Nylon Fabric

Nylon can stretch to fit your slim and healthy figure. It dries quickly, wicks sweat efficiently, and keeps your skin dry and comfortable. Nylon workout clothes are comfortable because of their soft, silky feeling.

You’ll find nylon fitness and sports apparel like leggings, tank tops, and exercise pants. You’ll look good and feel good in nylon fitness clothes no matter what activity you’re in.

Waterproof Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a synthetic material from plastic. It’s water-resistant as it lets moisture move through its fine fibers and exit the surface. When you wear polypropylene sportswear during extreme exercise, the surface will feel wet, but the inside will stay dry.

You’ll find polypropylene workout pants, long-sleeved shirts, and other hiking gear. This material is also popular among skiers as it keeps the cold out as you ride.

Spandex for The Best Fit and Comfort

Spandex or Lycra is a synthetic material that wicks moisture. It is very comfortable to wear and offers unrestricted motion. It’s a benchmark breathable fabric in fitness apparel for high-intensity activities.

Spandex is mixed with other materials to create better fabrics. Fitness apparel manufacturers make fitness shorts with nylon and Lycra. These shorts are very stretchy but not baggy or saggy.

Environment-Friendly TENCEL

TENCEL has similar properties with bamboo. It is from environmentally-friendly wood sources and is biodegradable. TENCEL fabric has minute fibrils or hairs, which gives it the ability to wick sweat and moisture.

Feel TENCEL fabric, and you’ll notice its luxurious nature, just like plastic fabrics. This material is also comparable to polyester and very durable with anti-microbial properties.

Heat Regulating Wool

Wool regulates body temperature and keeps the body warm and toasty. It is a breathable natural fabric that wicks moisture, great for outdoor exercise and workouts. Wool also has natural antibacterial properties, so it’s excellent even for strenuous routines. Wool athletic wear like tees, bike shorts, hoodies, and leggings are available online.

Easy-to-Clean Polyester

Polyester material is tough and lightweight. It does not absorb moisture or sweat, and let them evaporate quickly from the material. Polyester is breathable and won’t feel heavy or uncomfortable to wear.

Polyester also protects you from harmful UV rays. The material has a tight structure that even UV rays cannot penetrate. Some popular sports apparel made of polyester include jackets, tops, and sports bras.

Final Words

Find the best fitness apparel by selecting the suitable fabric material. The right fabric should be comfortable, breathable, effortless to wear, and easy to clean. Fitness apparel manufacturers like FASHIONLINE consider these factors when selecting the best material. 

The wholesale fitness apparel of FASHIONLINE is made with high-quality fabrics and expert designs to enhance the wearer’s performance. It can also create custom apparel based on your requirements. Talk to a representative today to see how it can help!

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