Finding a program for interpreting text on the web is not difficult. It is, however, far more challenging to choose a program that will satisfy all your needs. We offer a short overview of the most popular translators that you can successfully use in any situation with no unnecessary expenses on your part.

Best Online Translators You Can Use For Free

Many people interested in the question of how to choose translation software tools in 2021 research the most popular translation tools online, only to find out that most advertised programs are quite expensive. However, you don’t need pricy software to get the job done. Here are our top 7 free translation tools that you can start using right away!

1. Google translate

It is probably the most popular machine translation service, and one of the most criticized ones at the same time. Developing a platform that can translate text without errors is an incredibly difficult task, and we think that Google is doing it quite well.

This program currently offers 90 languages​, while new ones are being added constantly. You can translate text, a document, or an entire web page with the help of this free tool. It also allows you to recognize typed and handwritten text, as well as voice recordings, which is an awesome set of features for a free program.

2. ITranslate

This free dictionary is very simple and straightforward, it can translate the text as well as voice, and store your past searches or favorite words. It has easy voice translation settings – you can choose which voice you would like to use (female or male), as well as change your reading speed.

3. Worldlingo

The translator supports 32 languages and can translate texts on various specific topics as well as emails. A simple program like this will be of service if you need to translate simple texts, but if you need help with important documentation of medical, technical, or legal nature you might want to outsource this work to an expert.  You should get software adaptation, localization, or the best website for translation only from skilled specialists with fluent knowledge of the language and years of professional experience.


SYSTRAN is one of the oldest companies in the field of translation. It was founded in 1968 and has developed quite a bit since then. SYSTRAN cooperates with many companies, developing various solutions in the field of machine translation. This online translator can be used free of charge, but some of its features are only available after registration.

5. Babelfish

Babelfish is an online program that uses SYSTRAN technologies. It currently supports over 75 languages and allows you to translate words and phrases, websites, as well as documents in Word, PDF, and TXT formats. You can join the Babelfish community and improve its service by noting the best translation options.

6. Babylon

It is quite a well-known tool that allows you to work with more than 75 languages and uses almost 2000 dictionaries and glossaries. It can be used online or downloaded to your PC. Babylon is free for individual users, while offering paid solutions for business. Babylon website also has a thesaurus, a collection of online dictionaries, and various webmaster tools.

7. ABBYY Lingvo

ABBYY Lingvo is a commonly used program that was created with FineReader software. It is a handy and trusted electronic dictionary that can be used both from a PC and a smartphone. Its utility is compiled based on the most popular dictionaries from well-known publishers, including Collins and Oxford. The ABBYY Lingvo dictionary contains over a million different terms, so it’s a great free solution that many people enjoy.

Affordable Helpers to the Rescue

We encounter different texts in foreign languages quite often throughout our lives, so inevitably we have to look for special programs that can translate them for us. There are many such programs now, and their quantity increases every day. When choosing a fitting one for you, always pay attention to its functionality, and availability of different dialects. Whether the program is paid or free is another factor you should consider. You can save your money by using the programs we mentioned and reserve your extra cash for more exciting endeavors!

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