Want to access the Canadian Netflix libraries? Here’s how to unblock them using a Canada VPN.

Netflix is great, but one of the misconceptions that many people have regarding Netflix is that they think that the content libraries are uniform across all countries that the platform is available.

However, the truth is that Netflix libraries differ from country to country because of a phenomenon called geo-blocking. In other words, what’s available to you on your Canadian Netflix account, may not be available in other parts of the world. 

So, if you plan on traveling around the world for a bit, you might run into instances where the series or movies you’ve been watching will no longer be available to you! This also applies to the case where you want to watch something that your cousin on the other side of the world told you just released, but you can’t access it because it’s not available in your country. 

We’ll be honest, it sucks. Having access to a Canadian Netflix account poses many benefits because Canada is a country with no content restrictions, so Netflix has a wider variety of shows available to its users! 

On the other hand, Canada is almost always one of the first countries where new shows and movies are released, while releases in other countries sometimes get delayed. This means that if you have access to a Canadian Netflix account; you won’t have to wait very long for your favorite movies and shows to come out! 

Sounds fun, right? 

How to access Canadian Netflix using a Canada VPN

So, all this is very tempting, but I don’t live in Canada; how can I benefit from a Canadian Netflix content library?

That’s the question you’re asking. 

Luckily, there are ways for you to access Canadian Netflix from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re simply traveling and are worried that you might not be able to catch up with your favorite shows and movies or have never spent a day in Canada; you can access the Canadian Netflix content libraries by using a Canada VPN. 

To access the Canadian content libraries on Netflix, here are the four simple steps you’ll need to follow. 

  1. First things first, you’ll need to sign up to a reliable Canada VPN 
  2. Next, download the application that is relevant to your device (many VPN services offer their users different applications for different devices; which is also one way to tell if the VPN you’re considering is worth your money)
  3. When you’re done with that, connect to the internet through a Canadian server
  4. Enjoy the Canadian Netflix library from anywhere in the world! 

How does a VPN let you access the Canadian Netflix library?

So, now that you know how to access shows and movies that are available on Canada Netflix, you’re probably wondering how it all happens. And rightly so! Well; here’s your answer:

A Canada VPN works by connecting to the internet through a proxy via a remote and secure server. This means a remote computer, called a server, acts as a communication medium between you and the internet. 

This means that, by effect, you’re connected to the internet through this server. It means that your original IP address is hidden and your visible IP address is that of the server, and any online tracking can be traced back to the server you’re connected to, but not you. 

So, while using a VPN, you’re virtually anonymous in the online world. This works when it comes to letting you unblock geo-blocked content because since you’re anonymous, no one knows which country you’re visiting the internet from. In other words, if you’re connected to the internet through a server placed in another country, any piece of content that the citizens of that country are allowed to access, you can access too! 

To put it simply, if you need to access a web page that is available in a specific country; all you need to do is connect to the internet through a server placed in that country. Unlocking the Canadian Netflix library works in much the same way. 

What other benefits does a Canada VPN have? 

Of course, watching everything available on the Canadian Netflix library is excellent, but that’s not everything a VPN is good for! A VPN is a brilliant security tool and can help with much more than unblocking geo-locked streaming content. Let’s talk about some of these benefits one by one. 

The number one benefit that a VPN offers is robust online security by letting you surf the web as someone completely anonymous. This is incredibly important in an era where getting hacked into if you’re not using the right security tools is only a matter of time. 

Another benefit of a VPN is that it will let you safely work or conduct business from public Wi-Fi without worrying about getting your data stolen. The main reason public Wi-Fis are so dangerous is that they are a great hangout spot for hackers and snoopers because they can easily access users’ devices. With a VPN, you can use public VPNs easily and work from cafes and airports, wherever you want! 

Finally, many people assume that all VPNs affect your internet connection speed—this is only half the truth. Many VPNs affect the speed of your internet connection positively! By letting you browse anonymously, VPNs ensure that local internet service providers can’t detect you and throttle your internet bandwidth. 

This makes sure that you can stream, game, download, and upload files and really do whatever you like without having to worry about your ISP throttling your bandwidth.

Now that you know how to access Canada Netflix libraries from anywhere in the world let us know how it went!