We all know that the business of water bottles is not only convenient for the person drinking the water, but they also minimize the amount of garbage produced by disposable water bottles or cups. Starting a water bottle business allows you to create a one-of-a-kind product for profit while helping the environment.

Moreover, you may avoid the costs of owning real estate for a store if you primarily operate on the Internet, improving your chances of success just like roetell.

Steps to Start the Business

When you are going to launch any startup or any new business idea, proper planning and execution of steps are required. Thus, by following the steps mentioned below, you will be able to launch your water bottle business. So, let’s get started.

Create a Comprehensive Business Plan

Before starting your business, you must make a comprehensive business plan that includes the mission of your water bottle company, a description of your target customer, the state of the market, how you plan to enter the market (marketing plan), the estimated budget for your company, and the objectives you want to meet in the first year or two of operations.

Moreover, for the company’s strategy, it is vital to undertake research. It would be best to look into the water bottle companies in your neighbourhood and throughout the country. You should also identify unmet customer needs that your company can address. For instance, if just a few water bottle companies create their bottles entirely out of biodegradable maize, you might want to take advantage of that opportunity.

Furthermore, the business plan keeps you on track with your startup and shows investors that you have a well-thought-out company worth their investment.

Name your Company A Fictitious Name and get the Business License.

You should also get a fictional business name and, if necessary, a business licence from your state to establish the water bottle business. For your knowledge, a fictitious business name is one that individuals use instead of their own to run a company.

Moreover, a business licence may be required to operate the business legally in the state. For that, you have to contact the Attorney General’s office, the Secretary of State’s office, or your state’s business bureau for specific licencing and tax requirements.

Look For The Investors

While starting a new business, capital is one of the most critical requirements. Thus, you have to look for local investors that can help you with your water bottle company. Venture capitalists, large investors, and bank business loans can help with startup money for bottle design, a website, and supplier partnerships. 

Moreover, you can connect with local investors through your contacts and other neighbourhoods. Furthermore, you also have to lay out your strategy for starting and operating your business in your business plan.

Make A Logo For Your Brand

You also have to create your logo and graphics for your water bottles, or you may also hire an artist to do so. For this purpose, you should look for inspiration in your favourite pieces of art, as well as forms and colours you enjoy. If required, create a rough sketch of what you want and send it to art schools or a classified post for an artist who can bring your rough sketch to life.

However, don’t forget to release rights to the artwork with the person who finishes the painting after clearing the payment. Make sure that the artist signs a document transferring ownership of the drawing to you.

Search for a Bottle Manufacturer for Association

Now, you also have to look for bottles. Thus, choose a bottle manufacturing company that produces bottles that fit your specifications, either online or locally. Online bottle sellers provide product descriptions and specifications and the cost of ordering and delivering the items. 

Most bottle shops will provide their products at wholesale prices if you apply for a business account. There, you should submit your company’s name and tax information for verification purposes.

Look for a Printing Company

For printing your logo and other details on the bottles, you also have to look for a printing press. You should choose a printing firm that can correctly print your bottle design utilizing the colours and lines you have created. 

The print provider will require your bottles to be delivered to its site to print the design. Send one bottle for trial printing to ensure high-quality printing. Request prices from the firm and negotiate volume discounts. If at all feasible, inquire whether your bottle supplier can transport bottles straight to the printer.

Design the Website

Online investment is the best kind of investment for any startup these days. Thus, you should also make an online website. For that, you have to hire a web designer or make a simple website to showcase your bottles and their purpose. 

You also have to make it appear on your website, for example, if you donate a certain percentage of your sales to charity. Moreover, a shopping cart is required for your website to accept online purchases properly. Each item should include a picture, a description, and a price for customers. A web developer can create an essential website for a few hundred dollars.

Wrapping Up

If you are sure that you want to open your water bottle business, you won’t face any problems kickstarting your sales by following the steps mentioned above. At last, you must remember a few things regarding sales that these days, the market is growing both on online and offline platforms. 

Thus, alongside selling your bottles offline, you should sell your bottles online. Apart from creating the website, you can also list your bottles on other third-party applications. Moreover, to ensure the smooth running of the website, developing interesting content also plays a significant role. Thus, you also have to ensure that your website is updated at regular intervals with new and exciting content.