Businesses leverage video to get their message out and engage with their audience. A well-produced video can boost sales, increase web traffic, and show your product benefits.

Video production offers a host of benefits, from increased exposure to heightened credibility. If you’re producing a corporate video for your next marketing campaign planned for television or the web, it’s advised to make use of a video production company.

Read a report from Vidyard and Demand Metric which surveyed hundreds of business professionals on why they actively focus on video content. One of the key findings in the report found that:“82% of respondents report that video, as a form of content, is becoming more important to their organisation.”

Let’s look at how videos improve the effectiveness of your business efforts.

Videos Of Product Demonstrations Boost Sales

Today, marketers and consumers find user understanding has increased after incorporating videos into marketing campaigns.

Let’s look at video as a sales tool:

  • It can help educate potential customers about your product, its benefits and how it works.
  • It can help customers decide on whether to buy.
  • You can use it as a demo showing your product in action, so that users know what they’re getting before they commit to a purchase.
  • Installation instructions in your video production show customers how long it takes to set up and get started, e.g. equipment, apps.

Increase Visitor Retention On Your Site and Bring New Visitors

Video content is easier to share and, if targeted, likely to be shared by viewers. Videos that show how to solve a problem will hold your audience’s attention. The demonstration will get your site bookmarked for later and repeated revisits to more of your useful videos.

A video brings power to your marketing. 

If it answers a popular question or solves a problem quickly, your site will experience improved visitor retention. Static infographics or text-based content offers less impact than a video which combines education and a simple demonstration.

Improve Rankings On Google So Your Brand Gets Found

In other words: SEO.

Video production is a great way to improve how well you rank on Google.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is an important part of digital marketing because it helps you rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. So, why not add video content to your weekly strategies?

Your brand improves its SERP rankings by adding video content on relevant topics related to your business or industry.


This can help position you as an authority in the field and attract more clicks from the right people. Targeted people will want to watch your video; they’re a built-in audience, interested in what they see advertised against their search query.

For example, Harry’s radiator just burst at the valve. He has no clue on how to fix it. He’s not a plumber, so off to Google he goes and looks for ‘fix a radiator leak’. Hey presto! He finds more content than one lifetime can get through, so he browses. Remember, he wants to be shown how to do it quickly and not read a manual. Et Voila! A plumber has posted a video showing how anyone can fix a radiator.

Harry loves video. And the plumber’s video production work has sent more recognition his way and potential customers.

Video Production Increases Engagement And Awareness In Your Business

  • Brand recognition is a top benefit gained from video content.
  • Video helps you convey exactly who you are and what your company does better than any other medium.
  • Video gives customers an intimate look at what goes on behind the scenes at your company—and if done well, this content will help them connect with the brand on a deeper level.
  • Video is also an excellent medium for communicating information about your products or services. People see the products in action rather than just reading about it in text form.
  • Video production is a great way to build trust and credibility. People are more likely to listen to experts when they speak in person.
  • A video can show off your expertise, knowledge and passion for your field or industry—and this builds trust among potential customers that you know what you’re talking about!

Make Video Part Of Your Business Strategy

It’s all about ‘show not tell’ when you use video production for your product marketing campaigns. You are showing people the product and presenting the benefits.

Let’s sum up the benefits of video production for your business:

  • Video is a great way to build an understanding of your brand, product, or service.
  • Video is a powerful tool for converting leads into sales.
  • Video can help you get traffic from major search engines like Google.
  • Video production can help you build trust with your audience.

If you’re not using video in your marketing, you need to start!