So you own a blog and need more traffic? SEO is the best, and the most sustainable way that you can use to increase traffic volumes to your website. But when you have a low budget, don’t have SEO knowledge, you may want to learn how you can do SEO yourself.

Is it hard to do SEO yourself?

If you have never known anything about SEO before, learning it is possible, but there will be some challenges, just like when you are starting to earn anything else. But with some dedication and time, you can do it. Luckily, there are many varied resources online that you can use, some of them free while some options will need you to pay for them.

SEO learning curve

Like other skills, SEO has a learning curve, but the best part of it is that it isn’t steep. You don’t have to get scared when starting. Moreover, you don’t have to be a guru to start seeing results. Start it and be comfortable with whatever you can, as this is much better than someone who has not started it. Start with the basics and pick up important lessons from there moving forward. After you get comfortable with SEO basics, you can move ahead to advanced SEO tactics.

How to get started when you want to do SEO

These easy-to-understand steps should help you get started when you want to do SEO on your own.

1. Learn about your audience

First, it is a must that you know the people that you are talking to. Creating a persona should start even before you commence the creation of your blog since this helps you to form a story that helps you to comprehend the needs of the audience that you are targeting.

2. Create an acceptable content plan

Content is an important piece of SEO, and without proper content, you cannot optimize for SEO. Ensure that you write enough high-quality content and post regularly. Use available SEO tools to research the best keywords that you will incorporate in your content. Moreover, you should create a content calendar that shows you when and where you are going to post your content.

3. Do proper on-page optimizations 

On-page, optimization is an important part of SEO and it’s of essence that you understand it. For starters who are starting to do SEO, it’s recommended to use Wix SEO expert or other website building optimization suite because you will not need a lot of knowledge and expertise to achieve excellent SEO results.

4. Ensure that you add internal links

Every article that you publish must have internal links. To do this, you should look for older articles that are relevant to what you are posting and link to them.  While this makes it easier for the readers, it’s also good for ranking.

5. Learn to use analytics

There is analytics software that you can use and you should start using them. The data which you will collect will help you know where your online visitors came from, the length they spend on each page, and where they went after. This helps you to better optimize your pages.

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