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How to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing Automation

Content marketing automation refers to a set of technologies that automate several manual processes in marketing. Content marketing automation is not limited to automated content generation. It is not an easy task. You need to partner with the best content marketing agency to automate every stage of content marketing, starting from content generation to keeping the content up-to-date. 

Here is some vital information on how content marketing automation helps business growth. 

Automate Email Marketing

According to a recent study, 29% of marketers consider email marketing the most effective marketing channel. Also, 93% of B2B marketers use email channels to distribute content. 

Content marketing agencies automate email marketing for their clients. The agency researches the target audience and creates email triggers based on specific actions taken by the user. The agency programs the email content generation and publishing workflow that reduces the time to manage the email marketing program. 

The content marketing agency also ensures that the content shared through email is relevant and personalized to customers’ needs. As per 2020 data, the average open rate for content delivered through email marketing is around 18%, suitable for businesses. 

Improves Productivity and Saves Time

Online marketing takes time to work. As per recent data, depending on your business and circumstances, you may have to wait for six to nine months to see the results of solid marketing strategies. It is natural for companies to see results quickly from digital marketing, but that is not easy until you partner with the right content marketing firm and automate the content marketing process. 

Consistency is vital to achieving success in digital marketing. If you do the same tasks every day, you are left with no time for new tasks or to try new strategies. Content marketing automation allows marketers to automate manual processes that implement innovative strategies. 

The automation tools can post to social media, publish blog posts and send emails that will save you valuable time, and your sales department can spend time on nurturing leads and maximizing profits. Content marketing automation allows the sales department to concentrate part of the sales funnel that needs your attention. Having automated content marketing tools in place will give you peace of mind that your marketing is working though you are not actively involved in the tasks. 

Attain your content marketing objectives aligned with your target audience and prospects by using a reliable automation tool with excellent flexibility and scalability. For more information about automation tools, check out

Boost Brand Awareness And Demand Through Blogs

Have you noticed that many business websites have a blog section? Why do business owners invest in creating more content? How can content marketing automation help boost your brand awareness and generate brand demand through your blog?  

Because many brands offer the same products at varying prices, consumers want to get the best deal. Hence, consumers go online to research the features, benefits, and prices of the products they want to buy. In addition, a business website with a blog section has a higher chance of dominating the high rankings of search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s simply because those article web pages answer user queries, for that reason, search engines find them helpful.  Revamping and driving your content marketing to the next level is possible with the help of automation tools. Content marketing automation can help you regularly publish fresh and relevant content to promote your products and services organically while tracking relevant metrics. Furthermore, when you can highlight the great features of your offerings through your blog, more people will realize their benefits and would likely avail of your products and services.

Personalize Customer Experience

Nowadays, customers expect a personalized experience from their favorite brands. Instead of spending your time on repetitive tasks in marketing, content marketing automation allows your sales team to focus on customer experience. With automation, your team has more time to understand the target audience, collect feedback, and personalize the user experience to get better results. 

Marketing teams can use content marketing automation to target specific customers through social media channels, emails, and your website. When you get to know your target audience from different channels, it is easier for your team to create a personalized experience for your customer. All this helps in customer retention and increased conversions. 

The content marketing automation tools nurture your site visitors into leads. It segments them on their characteristics and considers data like customers’ past purchases and buying behavior. It provides your team with valuable insights to personalize the customer experience. Due to personalized experience, the customer is more likely to make a purchase decision.

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