Are you tired of stepping on Legos every time you enter the room? Are you getting tired of looking for your favorite party shirt inside an Everest of clothes? Do you enjoy the discomfort of studying on your bed because your table is too busy carrying your bag and badminton rackets?

A messy room is undesirable to many. Keeping your room tidy and clean is going to be a major undertaking. But it will be a process that can lead to a satisfying effort. The key here is to try. You already know the problem sitting between your eyes. I suggest you try and start moving!

Your bedroom

For every change you want to make, always start with yourself. More often than not, all your belongings are inside your bedroom. You can start here. Cleaning up for yourself gives you more motivation to do it. You may think that cleaning your room is impossible, but trust me with this. Take it little by little. Begin by sorting your belongings from ‘Needs’, ‘Daily Use’, and ‘Not Important’. Needs are confused with wants, establish which is which for you, and this will be easier.

Use plastic storage shelves when you need help sorting your things. These boxes can be labeled accordingly. This way, you can have all your books on one shelf, extra towels and bedsheets on another, and so on.

Your closet 

Clothes are essentials. We tend to keep more clothes than we need. But the more clothes you have, the more closet space you should have. You can have more things in your closet when you know how to declutter your clothes. Thus, having more space for more clothes.

Place a plastic shelving unit inside the closet. The shelving unit creates levels of storage for you. A separating ledge also helps to keep your shoes from sitting beside the clean underwear. You can also layer your accessories and hang your bags with door hooks.

Your bathroom

The bathroom usually occupies the least space. But despite their size, bathrooms deserve the cleanliness it deserves. The goal is a squeaky clean, and see-yourself-through-the-walls kind of clean. Daily sanitation and washing of bathroom items are a must.

Bathroom essentials such as shampoo, soap, towels, toothbrushes, and cleaning tools for the bathroom should be in order. Local stores have these tiny shower caddies. If your bathroom can’t afford a counter for its space, consider the shower caddy.

Your kitchen

You might wonder “why does it pay to be organized in the kitchen?.” Of course, a spotless kitchen is a priority in keeping yourself healthy. What you eat will come from the kitchen. And all your kitchen equipment should be spick-and-span.

Besides kitchen equipment, is the food itself. How can we store the food neatly and nicely? Spice racks can sort 11 of your secret spices. And organizer storage shelves are cubby holes for different ingredients that do not require the refrigerator.

Your living room 

A gathering place in the house or the common room is the Living room. Keep it clean for this is the space you spend most of the time being with your family and friends. Place books on the shelves, or carefully put all your wedding tokens and awards displayed on the shelves.

Try to install floating shelves on our walls. Choose an aesthetically built floating shelf because not only will you decorate, but you have neatly organized your things too. These shelves contribute more space for books, lamps, and plants.

An extension for clean and tidy tips, leaving the house that you have finally cleaned and organized, extend some of the work to your outside. Try to tidy up your office space.

Your office 

In an office, you will have your table or cubicle. Wouldn’t it be a better working environment if the “Outgoing” and “Ingoing” files are in a safe dropbox?

Have a small shelving unit beside your desk. That can serve you by sorting your projects and documents. Label as I always say, because labels are not only for you but for your officemates too. Keep a pencil holder close by, so you won’t have to be losing any pen when you need to sign a document.

The extra squeeze

Make a plan because you cannot do it all in one day. Schedule which room to take over first, then move into the next one. Make sure you give every room the time they deserve.

Do not push yourself too much. But take it as a responsibility because it is your house and you should take good care of it. Take the steps one at a time. You can create your steps but be guided. Keep reading and take in as much as you can from books, the internet, and lifestyle magazines. References are free and everywhere.