If you have been someone that regularly goes to the gym, yoga centers, or aerobic studios, you know how relaxing using a sauna can be. Imagine being all tired from your workout and then entering a sauna that helps calm your body, relax your mind and improve your health. 

In the last few years, traditional saunas have become an important component of wellness plans. Whether you are a sportsman looking to recover after a tough game or a hip-hop star who wants to chill during their World Tour, a sauna is the first place you would head to. 

However, while traditional saunas come with their own set of benefits, they are not something that every individual will be comfortable with using. This is why the industry has seen the emergence of infrared sauna as a viable alternative to its more traditional counterpart. 

What is an Infrared Sauna?

The first and probably the most important thing you should know is that generating body heat through the light’s wavelength in an infrared sauna is not something new. 

In fact, if you have ever been to hospitals and observed where newborn babies are kept, you would have noticed an infrared sauna heating their small bodies. 

The idea is simple. As opposed to a traditional sauna that heats the air, which in turn heats your body, an infrared sauna uses different light wavelengths to directly heat the body. The use of electromagnetic radiation to heat the body is beneficial in multiple ways. 

Not everyone is capable of or can withstand walking into a heat chamber that is a traditional sauna. Let alone spending twenty minutes, most individuals will not be even able to step into one. As an infrared sauna operates at a relatively lower temperature, it is more suitable. 

One benefit of using an infrared sauna, according to Miskawaan Health, is that this form of therapy can help to reduce stress and improve focus. Read on to discover some more benefits of using an infrared sauna

List of 5 Major Benefits of Infrared Sauna according to Medical Experts

1. More effective penetration of the heat in the body- 

Many experts have pointed out that an infrared sauna operates between temperatures of 120-to-140-degree Fahrenheit. This is far lower than that of a traditional sauna. The direct heating of the body means that more than 80% of the total heat penetrates the body’s tissues and just 20% is wasted in heating the air. This helps in better sweating at a lower temperature. 

2. Promotes better sleep, relaxation, and body detoxification- 

Individuals that have gone for infrared sauna sessions have stated how small ten-to-fifteen-minute sessions, help in calming the mind and the body. For individuals suffering from poor sleeping patterns or insomnia, this is one way that can help them sleep better. When the body sweats, it releases toxins making the infrared sauna the perfect source of detoxification. 

3. Relieves joint pains and muscle tensions in the body-

We have already mentioned that athletes favor an infrared sauna as it helps them recover their bodies after a grueling training session or a game. The effect of the heat on the body helps in loosening up, which in turn improves the strength and elasticity of joints. Muscles that undergo stress also relax and come back to their normal positioning following a sauna session. 

4. Great for facial and body skin which becomes clearer and tighter- 

If you are looking for the best anti-aging solutions, look no further than an infrared sauna. If you have ever experienced a skincare facial, you would know how they use steam to unclog pores, improve texture and create a tighter look and feel. An infrared sauna delivers the exact same benefits not only for the face but also for different parts of the human body. 

5. Improves blood circulation and prevents the onset of diseases- 

Most doctors point out the benefits of exercise and other physical activities as a way of improving blood circulation. With an infrared sauna, you are going to experience better blood flow and circulation as the heat of the body increases heart rate and promotes better health. This can help in the prevention of serious illnesses and diseases that commonly affect humans.

The Final Word

Infrared saunas have found a place in some of the leading gyms, wellness centers, and luxury hotels. One thing that you should note is that till now, there have been no adverse side-effects that have been found from using an infrared sauna. If you have any other questions that you would like us to answer on an infrared sauna, please let us know in the comments section below.