LED lights are high Bay lights that are mainly used to illuminate the spaces which contain high ceilings or the area with large space. People like to use LED Bay lights in their houses for indoor use. LED High Bay lights are best for workshops, better options for warehouses, garages as well as factories.

It has a better working ability even at high altitudes without giving an effect of the spotlight. It is most popular with young entrepreneurs and workplaces because of its easy installation method. The appearance of Lepro LED Bay lights is so attractive that it immediately catches the attention of the customer at once. 

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Types of LED bay light

A person must understand that there is an angle between the directions of the light and place as at one angle maximum light is required than the other. The areas which are gaining the maximum intensity of light are more focused but the areas outside the maximum intensity of the light also gain light but at lower levels. 

LED bay lights are the ones that provide maximum light to one place but the area outside of the focus is also illuminated. Mainly we have two types of LED bay lights available in the market which are described below:

High Bay light

High bay lights are the ones that are mainly used as ceiling lights range between 15 to 45 feet. These lights are mostly installed at approximately 30 feet. The areas which have high ceilings require more space to be illuminated because of this reason high Bay LED lights are brighter. High bay LED lights are a much powerful source of light as they can lighten up a larger area with only one installation.

Low Bay light

LED low bay lights are such lights that are used for ceiling purposes in places that have a ceiling height of almost 15 feet or lower than it. Low bay LED lights are mainly used in the areas where low light is used because of altitude and the power of these LED lights is not much. The reason behind the low brightness of low bay LED light is low installation restriction.

Types of LED high bay light

LED high bay lights are divided into two types according to their features and the area for which the lightning is being chosen. The specifications of two types of LED high bay lights are given below:

UFO High bay lights

UFO High Bay lights are the ones that have a controllable angle of beam specifically for the working area. These lights are very easy to install in a specific area and have gained a lot of popularity due to their attractive appearance and amazing features.

Linear High bay lights

Linear High Bay lights are lights with rectangular shapes because of which it becomes very easy to install them in the area with a rectangular shape. This site is specifically used in the hallway, aisle, etc, and has a wider angle of beam in its working. Linear high bay lights don’t give an effect of spotlight hence it has their specification.

Power Consumption

Occupational safety and health administration have set some requirements as it is strict that a working area must have approximately 10-foot candles. The working areas such as electrical equipment rooms, lofts, tool rooms, machine shops, carpentry shops, garages, warehouses, etc. follow the above rule. LED bay lights consume power in a very moderate way as Lepro LED provides the common guideline about the power of the light in correspondence to the height of the area.


If a person wants to know about LED high bay lights then this article would be very helpful in this regard. You can also gain assistance about LED bay lights from the official website of Lepro LED lights which is https://www.lepro.com. If you are interested in LED lights working at different levels in different areas then the Lepro LED website would be helpful. A person needs to select the LED light according to the light angle and the intensity of light required for a specific area. 

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