We always rely on black and white proof along with quick results while cleaning, which is why we are dependent upon our naked eyes while cleaning anything. By cleaning windows, we can get a better view. By cleaning the kitchen shelf, everything starts shining but what about the indoor air quality?

There is no way you can see the air with naked eyes, and therefore, there is no way you discern whether the air you are breathing is polluted or clean. And this is why it is easy to start doubting whether your reliable air purifier is working properly or not. 

You might have bought the best air filter, got it installed from professionals, and want to check whether it is working or not. Or perhaps, you already have an air filter, and you have started feeling like calling Whirlpool customer care and getting the air filter checked. 

There are a few ways to check whether the air purifier is working or not, and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post. 

Testing the airflow 

It would help if you began with the airflow of the purifier. If the air purifier is working perfectly fine, it should have a clear airflow. You can quickly check whether the purifier filters consistent air or not by placing your hand in front of the system. If the air coming out of the purifier has some interruption, there is something wrong with the purifier. 

Even if you cannot hear anything after getting close to the purifier, this is also an indication that there is something wrong with the purifier. But a lot of noise coming out of the air filter can signify some issue with the internal function. 

You should always look for the ideal middle sweet spot while testing the air purifier for the airflow, and if there is anything wrong, you should call Panasonic customer care. 

A check for contaminants

Everybody has an aversion to dirty air as it can cause serious health issues. This is the main reason why so many people have started installing air purifiers at a breakneck pace. A good quality air purifier can protect you and your family members from allergens, bacteria, pollutants, dust, dust mites, pet danders, viruses, and much more. 

But with time, the air filters can get dirty, mainly if it has not been serviced by calling Whirlpool customer care for a long time. This can result in poor indoor air quality, and it might even stop the air filter from giving optimal performance. 

So, always check the air filter every 6-8 months. If you consider this an arduous task, you can simply call Panasonic customer care and get your air purifier serviced without any issue. 

Digital and electronic air quality test 

The best thing you can do to test whether the air purifier is working correctly or not is to go digital. There are many digital kits in the market ranging from LCD particulate counters to advanced internet-enabled air quality detectors. But there is no need to advance with air quality testing as just a simple digital air quality testing gadget can do the job for you. 

Nowadays, digital air quality monitors can be used to discern whether there is any pollutant present in the air or not. But if you haven’t used an air quality monitor ever, you should first learn how to use it. 

Measure the air quality with the purifier turned off and then measure again with the purifier turned on. If there is a difference in the reading in a positive aspect, then you can be sure that your air purifier is working fine. 

Odor test

This test might sound ludicrous to some people, but many use it to test whether their air purifier is just increasing the electricity bills or is actually working. 

Most branded air purifiers target three types of contamination; gasses, particulates, and germs. That includes odor. To test the air purifier’s functioning, you need to make the room smell. You can simply cook the smelliest food or burn incense in the room. The main objective here is to make the room smell. 

After that, you can turn on your air purifier and see whether the odor dissipates after a few minutes or not. This is one of the easiest tests you can perform to check your purifier, but if you are not satisfied with this test, then you always have the option of calling Whirlpool customer care. 

With fresh air becoming scarce, instead of griping about the pollution, you can simply install the best air purifier in your house and let your lungs breathe fresh air. But since we don’t believe the things we see with naked eyes, doubting your air filter performance is no surprise. 

You can always perform some basic tests to check whether your air purifier is working or not, and you can even test it with a good-quality air purifier monitor. But if you want your air purifier to keep the polluted air at bay, you should get your air purifier serviced by professionals every 6-8 months. 

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