Replacement windows are very costly. But, everyone is looking for windows that have glass that keeps heat in and cold out in the winter and cold in and heat out in the summer. The windows should also keep UV rays out so they do not damage the home’s flooring, artwork on walls, and furniture. Home and commercial building owners can improve the function of their glass windows or walls by having high-quality window films installed. However, can they be sure the window film they are considering is high quality?

What Are Window Tinting Films?

Films applied to glass windows come in several forms. These include window tinting films, decorative films, custom printed films, and safety films. In general, window films are thin laminate films that are made to be installed on either interior or exterior glass surfaces. These surfaces can be cars, boats, interior or exterior glass surfaces on homes, or glass surfaces of commercial buildings. They can be applied to interior glass office walls as well as windows and exterior glass walls.

The high quality window films are going to give more benefits than low-quality bargain choices. These films are usually made from polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, which is a thermoplastic polymer resin that has clarity, dimensional stability, tensile strength, and is able to accept many surface-applied and embedded treatments for different looks. Films can have construction components including dyed, metalized, pigmented, ceramic, or nano. Their uses include solar control, privacy, security, safety, and decor.

Window films are made to enhance glass performance as a retrofit solution to avoid having to replace the glass. Window films can protect windows from shattering on impact or give the building occupants more privacy. Window films can stop UV rays from entering a building and prevent sun glare. Window films can also add a decorative look by imitating frosted or etched glass. Window films can also be custom designed with company logos or special decorative designs and graphics.

There are Many Uses For Window Films

Good quality window films can make it possible to retrofit windows in commercial buildings or homes to be more energy efficient without spending money on new windows. Window films can be used to give people inside a building some privacy from the street without interfering with the light they provide to the interior of the building. Window films can be used to make window glass stronger and less likely to shatter on impact. Window films can be used to enhance automobile windows making them darker and stopping window glare. In commercial buildings where there may be offices with glass walls, window films can be added to add a decorative element and a little privacy.

It Is Important To Use High-Quality Window Film

One part of selecting the best window film is matching the type of film to the intended use and expected result. For the best quality window films look for the best base material, privacy, strength, UV light blockage, energy savings, color and pattern options, ease of installation, fade resistance, aesthetics, and warranty.

A high-quality window film will be made of several different layers including a release liner including silicone coating, an adhesive layer containing a UV inhibitor, a clear or tinted polyester film layer, an adhesive layer, a metalized layer to enhance heat rejection, and a scratch-resistant coating to protect the film. These layers will be made into one window film with manufacturing processes including coating, laminating, metalizing, sputtering, and coloring.

Purchasing window films from a reputable manufacturer who will provide installation services is a big part of ending up with high-quality, long-lasting window films.