The legendary Vijay Merchant

Cricket has been present in India almost since the sport as a whole was born. For this reason, many excellent players from this country have been seen during the years. The name of Vijay Merchant is one of the most important Indian cricket players ever. There are many current players that are inspired by him, and it is possible to visit in order to place bets on their squads.

Vijay Merchant played professionally between 1929 and 1951. He spent the entirety of his career in the Bombay cricket team. During this time, he also played some Test matches from the national squad, however, they were relatively few when compared to other players of his era. The 1xBet website offers opportunities to wager on all the excellent domestic cricket competitions.

Impressive numbers

Vijay Merchant was not only impressed with his unique talent. He also obtained some excellent numbers that are perfect proof of how capable he was when performing on a cricket field. You can make your online cricket bet – 1xBet bookmaker cricket section. For example, some of the most highlighted aspect in a Merchant’s career include:

  • having the second-highest batting record in the history of first-class cricket, with a total of 71.64;
  • scoring more than 800 runs during a single tour across England;
  • and also, some consider him to have founded the Bombay School of Batsmanship, from where top players in this position have originated.

1931 was a prolific year for Merchant’s career. During that period, he secured a spectacular record of 504 and 29 wickets. He did so by playing for the Hindus cricket team while they participated in the 1929 edition of the Bombay Quadrangular. High-profile tournaments of this kind are featured at the 1xBet bookmaker, where you can make your online cricket bet on many different events.

A brief international career

As introduced, Vijay Merchant had a relatively short international career. He didn’t play as much as probably he wanted due to circumstances of his own and external ones. The Indian national team is available at to bet, where all its events are featured.

For example, there were many tours that the Merchant missed due to health problems. However, he still managed to impress in the relatively small number of events and tours where he participated. He scored 154 runs in a Test match between England and India, which was celebrated between the 2nd and 7th of November 1951. All such test matches are available on the 1xBet website, where many wagers can be made.

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