Modern marketers have seen promising results in packaging strategies which is why many companies today put significant importance on them. Since the boom of social media marketing and the increasing power of influencers, products are now being advertised and promoted by millions of people online. And it turns out that the product’s packaging has become even more crucial than they already are.  

While it’s true that the packaging is the first thing a consumer will lay their hands and eyes to, there are even more reasons why packaging can make or break a customer experience. For instance, they make the entire unboxing experience a failure or a success. Some people would go as far as looking at the packaging posted online, and as soon as they don’t like it, they’ll look for other products.   

Having said that, here are some strategies for leveraging product packaging as your business edge.  

  1. Find Creative Packaging  

Competition in several industries has just become fiercer. And it’s no longer just the products; their performances are being considered and compared. Now, the packaging is also one integral component that can easily make or break product sales. If your packaging is too dull and boring, the product itself can easily turn out to be a flop. Therefore, business owners have to hire the most creative marketers and graphic designers who can come up with unique packaging. 

Regardless of the size or stage of a business, the packaging is a key tool for brands to reach customers. Whatever your products are, you need to consider using fresh packaging ideas. For instance, coffee pouches can accommodate a diverse range of products. The more unique and custom-designed your packaging is, the more it will sell to your target market.  

Nowadays, anyone can record and share their unboxing experiences with a product, so consumers worldwide can easily judge your packaging. Designing your packaging like your next product is important since it’s the first physical point of contact for many of your customers. 

  1. Add Valuable Information  

To provide more value to your customers, you have to ensure that the packaging includes helpful information. For instance, it should contain the ingredients, expiration dates, and instructions on how to use them. While this is a conventional packaging strategy, it can go a long way in acquiring customer trust and patronage. Most likely, a user will buy your product more than the competitor’s when they don’t provide valuable information as you do.   

Packaging information lacking can result in more returns and a competitor stealing your market share. When you include all the details in the packaging, the user won’t have to search for this information, which saves them the hassle and time.   

Any product packaging must contain information allowing consumers to identify the product easily. Regardless of your packaging design, ensure to include the appropriate information your customer needs for consumption. Find the right strategy to arrange this information in your packaging to make them continue looking elegant and beautiful.     

  1. Prioritize Green  

Sustainability is an ongoing trend in multiple industries today, and it won’t hurt to join this famous green initiative too. After all, you want to save the planet as much as possible to have a better place for everyone.   

The public and businesses alike are striving to make the planet, households, and businesses more sustainable. One way many consumers connect with a brand is through its packaging. The greener your packaging is, the more it appeals to the masses. You can leverage this green movement to make your story sell better to the market. Use multiple channels to communicate your green initiative commitment, and wait for an increase in brand support and patronage.   

  1. Create A Great Unboxing Experience For Them  

Emotional reactions spur brand loyalty better than anything else. It’s where you should leverage creating a great unboxing experience for your users. A product package that evokes a feeling in the consumer will earn its approval about your product. There are many ways to make the unboxing experience perfect for them. Mix it with digital marketing tips, and you can make the most of this strategy.  

But one main point is to maximize aesthetics. To make an appealing unboxing experience, you can start by comparing different unboxing videos on social media and other platforms. Study their common denominator, and see which designs evoke more emotions in the customer.  

Social media channels are usually filled with these types of videos, so be sure to start your search in them. The unboxing experience has become a necessity for your brand today. Consumers crave it, and this can severely impact their purchasing decision towards a product. The key is to make a great unboxing experience for your product. Incorporate any packaging detail that can add more positive emotions toward the recipient.    

  1. Consider Reusability  

Another aspect of good and powerful packaging is when it’s practical and reusable. The development of packaging that has the potential for future use is not only environmentally friendly but also adds value, greatly influencing consumer decisions. For example, flavored beverages and drinks in reusable bottles and tumblers appeal more to the market than those packaged in plastic pouches or bottles.  

Similarly, some items with box packaging, which is sturdy and reusable, can gain more sales than the other competing products. There’s no limit to what packaging you can use as long as they’re eco-friendly, sustainable, and reusable. The fact that the consumer can use it for other purposes has already won some brownie points to them.   

  1. Forego Fillers In Packaging  

Customized packaging can serve a variety of purposes. It allows your product to be easily identified and unique among others. While some products use fillers to keep the content secure, it’s time to forego this material and go for something else instead.   

Fillers remain useless and will only go to the trash can after unboxing your box. It leads to additional packaging costs that are not beneficial to your company and the customers. The best and more ethical way for packaging is to disregard the use of fillers. In addition to saving money, less packaging means fewer materials that end consumers need to dispose of.  

Other packaging strategy alternatives can replace fillers instead. For instance, you can use bubble wrap to ensure your product remains secure. You can minimize the use of paper and stickers by printing thank you note and company information on the box packaging itself. There are many ways to reduce waste on your packaging and still come up with the best packaging design.  


Regardless of the product type, the packaging is necessary before it can be displayed on shelves or your eCommerce site. Customers should be left with a lasting impression of your packaging. You can refer to this guide to leverage product packaging as a competitive edge. Try applying the steps in this article and wait for positive outcomes.