If you’ve been left by your ex, then by making small but positive changes in your lifestyle, you can make her jealous and curious about your new life without her. As long as the desire to cause jealousy comes from good intentions on your part, it can make her realize that she really misses you.

1. Show her that girls like you

You just need to communicate with other women. Go on dates, chat with girls on the Russian dating website as much as possible, etc. Of course, your ex-girlfriend should find out about it somehow. Jealousy will not keep you waiting for a very long time. Here you need to understand what the goal is. If you want to get her back, you shouldn’t be too active, changing girls every day. It is enough that she learns that you are still in good demand among girls. You shouldn’t fall into despair, keeping faithful to her. Dating and meeting others is essential. Firstly, you yourself will raise your self-esteem, and secondly, she will know about it and understand that she is not indifferent to you.

2. Disappear from her field of vision for a while

What effect will this have? At first, it will not be interesting for her, then it will cause bewilderment like, “Where did he go? Why doesn’t he call and ask me to come back?” And, finally, there will be excitement, “Wow, I left him, and he doesn’t even answer me. He is likely suffering, can’t deal with the situation!” And here the search for at least some information about you will begin. Believe me, women’s logic is structured just like that. It is better not to pick up the phone at this time and not to reply to messages.

3. Don’t show anyone that your heart is broken

Even if you are in great pain, even if you learned about her cheating on Facebook and other negative situations, try to keep your emotions and worries in yourself. Remember that mutual friends can tell your ex-girlfriend how you are going through a breakup. And then fake calmness and attempts to demonstrate to her that your life is still filled with bright colors will become a waste of time.

4. Improve your lifestyle

As the old Spanish saying goes: “The good life is the best revenge.” It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when making your ex jealous. Self-improvement is very beneficial. Plus, it boosts your self-esteem as you go through a breakup. Play sports more often, devote more time to family and friends and make other positive changes so that your ex starts wondering if your life is really better without her.

5. Don’t stop communicating with mutual friends

This way, your ex will be aware of what is happening with you, even if you are not in contact with her. Your friends may even mention in front of her that they saw you and that you are doing well without her. For example, your friends may tell her that you’ve recently been promoted or lost weight, or are planning to run a marathon. This news can reach your ex’s ears and make her angry about your accomplishments without her.

6. Post photos and positive statuses on social media

Take advantage of social media and make your ex-woman jealous with simple posts about your life. If you’ve been traveling, make an album of your adventures. Share updates with positive observations about your life. But your emotions should be real and radiate a positive attitude.

7. Don’t be jealous of yourself

What is really worth taking into account is that you don’t need to demonstrate your jealousy in any situation. It is important to remain calm even if she is dating another man. Showing patience and being kind can create intense feelings of jealousy and regret like how could she be so stupid and let such a mango?