Are you struggling to stay productive at work? If so, you’re not alone. Most employees feel overwhelmed and stressed out, balancing their work and personal lives. But sometimes, it can be hard to know how to get the most out of your day. Don’t worry – there are ways to make yourself more productive. Luckily, you can do a few things to increase your productivity and make the most of your time at work. Check out these seven tips!

1. Set a timer for your work tasks: 

You don’t have to work nonstop, all day long. Start by setting a timer to help you remember that your shift is only 45 minutes or an hour long. When the time is up, take a 15-minute break. Even if you’re in the middle of something important, it can be helpful to walk away for short periods throughout the day so you don’t feel burned out. Setting a timer will keep you on the clock and prevent getting lost in your work. Working for a set period can be a great way to keep you from procrastinating. Setting a timer for your work tasks will also help you avoid distractions, as once the time is up, your break or day is over, and it’s time to stop working.

2. Respond to messages at set times: 

Another giant productivity killer is an overflowing email inbox. You might find it hard to resist the temptation of checking messages on your phone or computer every time there’s a ding or buzz. But giving yourself set times throughout the day to check messages will help you focus when it matters most, so you don’t lose time dealing with distractions when you should be working. If you feel like each time you check your email during the day, there’s yet another message waiting for you; it can be hard to focus on getting tasks done. To help keep this from distracting you, try telling coworkers and clients only to send you messages every few hours. If you need to respond, set specific time windows throughout the day where you can check your email without getting distracted.

3. Download an app to keep you focused: 

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Our phone is our most significant distraction, so what do you think about using your phone to keep you focused on your work? There are different apps designed to help you stay focused, which is why it’s so easy to get distracted with your phone. When you check out your work tasks at the end of the day, turn off these pop-ups and notifications on your phone, then use an app that blocks all distractions. The forest app allows you to plant trees when you are away from your phone and working. It locks your phone, preventing you from using it, but every time you lose focus and use your phone, the trees that you plant die. That type of consequence could be what you need to focus on and get real work done. Grow your forest while working. Get this app from RarBG for a quick, easy, and free download on your android phone or tablet.

4. Work in intervals: 

A study by the University College of London found that you’re four times more productive if you work for 52 minutes and break for 17 minutes than if you just worked straight through your eight-hour shift. If possible, schedule tasks so they fit into this approach. You might not be able to do it perfectly, but even just a little bit will have a significant effect on your overall productivity. Although taking short breaks throughout the day might seem counterproductive, it can help you stay on task and make you more productive. Studies have even shown that taking a five-minute break every hour is one of the most effective ways to stay productive.

5. Keep a water bottle at your desk so you can stay hydrated:

You might not think that staying hydrated is that big of a deal, but it has an enormous effect on your productivity. If you’re dehydrated or just thirsty, your focus and energy levels will drop off. Plus, it’s hard to be productive if you’re quietly worrying about whether or not you’ll run out of water at some point. So keep a bottle of water at your desk and make sure you’re drinking from it regularly throughout the day. You won’t even have to think about it, which means that you’ll stay hydrated without even having to try.

6. Ask for help from the people around you:

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You might be surprised by how many of your coworkers want to help you. If you’re struggling with work, then there is a chance that someone else in the office knows more about it than you do. Simply asking them for help can make everything better. Even if they don’t know the answer, you’ll probably learn something new and exciting – and it can even help you make friends with the people around you. If you’re stuck on a project, then obviously, it makes sense to ask another coworker for assistance. However, if you need guidance or directions, or even an opinion, you should ask the person next to you – not your boss. There’s no shame in asking the people around you to lend you their expertise. If they don’t have time or aren’t very helpful, then ask their manager or director about it instead.


Hopefully, these tips have helped you to see that you can improve your productivity. These are just some ideas – not rules that must be followed. If you work in an office, you can do plenty of things to get more done in a shorter amount of time without making too many drastic changes. Just remember what’s most important to you, implement these tips, and find out what works best for you! Now that you can be more productive at work, it is time to work hard and earn those paychecks so you can pay your bills and start saving for your retirement funds. Get your monthly pay stubs with the online pay stub generator should your HR Department cannot provide you with pay stubs for some reasons.