All over the world, an MBA qualification is the most proficient qualification for an individual seeking to have both local and international business recognition. An MBA qualification UK allows you as an individual to spread your wings across every recognized industry in the world. It is no news that If you are looking to pursue a career in business and business administration, then getting an MBA qualification should be your next big step.

One of the countries with the highest recognized business schools worldwide is the United Kingdom. A prominent question among students interested in getting an MBA in the UK is, do I need to write my personal statement when applying, and what makes MBA studies in the United Kingdom unique? While the UK schools almost always request for a personal statement alongside a stellar application, you can seek the help of a professional writer if you’re not convinced you have what it takes to scribble it yourself.

This article answers all your questions, including the ones you have not thought of yet. If you want to know MBA in UK requirements, how thorough curricula are, the most convenient study time frame and if the UK offers the most affordable tuition, read on…

Why Study MBA in the UK?

Shorter year of study

Uk’s MBA study runs through a shorter calendar year. Other countries take up to two years to finish an MBA program, but MBA studies in the UK can be completed in the space of one year. The short duration of the program in the Uk provides a fast completion of the degree, allowing students to save more time and more money. Thereby, students are eager to finish their programs, go onto the next phase of their lives and move into being a professional in their chosen industries.

Affiliation with relevant  Industries

Due to the reputation the business schools in the UK uphold, several industries and individuals are affiliated with the business schools in the UK. The school’s alumni who had made a name in various industries sometimes seek to hire graduates from other MBA schools in the UK. These affiliates give students the chance to choose firms they can consider working with.

Business Networking

Aside from the reputable qualification, you would get from UK business schools; you cannot overemphasize how important meeting new intellectual people in the industry is. UK Business schools give you the chance to attend special seminars, take challenging tasks, attend special events and lectures that are not included in your curriculum. Getting this networking enables you to service concrete relationships that will be useful when you start your career.

Affordable Tuition

The affordability of these business schools in the UK makes them one of the most sought after schools. You will find several private colleges with tuition fees as low as  £7,000. This is as cheap tuition as you can ask for. UK business schools also provide cost alternatives for international students. Given that the longer your year of study, the more your tuition fee increases. However, in UK business schools,  your year of study is shorter than the average school worldwide.

Increases your credibility

Getting a qualification in MBA helps you get ahead of your colleagues in the business world; getting your qualification from reputable schools in Britain gives you high-quality academic credibility. Your credibility increases more than your colleagues from other countries, and you are often considered first in any business opportunity. This is due to the high quality of knowledge impacted in these schools.

How to Apply for MBA in the UK – the Basic Requirements

Deciding to go for an MBA degree is a huge step in pursuing your business career. Deciding to go wouldn’t be enough; knowing the full requirements for entry will help you know how to process your application. Entry requirements into business schools all over the world vary, and each of the business schools in the UK has distinct requirements. However, they have few requirements in common. Below is the list of the entry requirements in British Business schools.

●   A minimum of 3-years of full-time work experience

●   A Bachelor’s degree from any recognized university all over the world

●   IELTS score of at least 6.0-6.5

●   GMAT – the Graduate Management Admission Test


The GMAT is an acronym for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is an important test for qualifying in any business school.

Preparing for the GMAT exam is not as difficult as it sounds. The exam is meant to test your ability in most basic and advanced knowledge. Students must spend up to six months preparing for the GMAT test. Students should seek assistance where they need it the most and focus more on those aspects of the test. Students can also take up the test exercises from websites offering GMAT exams.

While taking the test, you have the opportunity to check your score and to know where you need to improve. The outcome from your GMAT test can be used for five years. A recognised score of 600 is needed, while a score of 660 or above is considered excellent.

 This test examines your ability in the following aspects.

●   Analytical Writing

●   Intermix Reasoning – for analysing graphics and tables.

●   Quantitative understanding and problem-solving ability.

●   Verbal comprehension ability and English Proficiency

TestsScoringTime Frame
Verbal scaled0-6575 minutes
Quantitative0-6075 minutes
Analytical writing0-630 minutes
Integrated Reasoning1-830 minutes


We believe this text has answered the question, “how to get an MBA.” It is enough that the MBA program has high recognition in any business phase and industry. It is better that you get more recognized when you take up the program in any Uk university. You don’t only have enough credibility to brag about; you also have an affordable course of study and a rapid calendar year. What more could a young graduate ask for? If the application process is too tedious, you could hire expert writers to get you through the door but keep in mind that you need to sit for your exams yourself.

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