It takes a variety of machinery to perform all the tasks required on a construction site. One of the more popular machines to use is a mini excavator. With their versatility and convenience, these nifty little machines are a quick and effortless way to get a variety of jobs done. 

If your company is using an excavator regularly, it probably makes financial sense to start looking around for a mini excavator for sale. However, it’s not as simple as responding to the first advert that comes along! 

Expert Pointers for Buying a Mini Excavator

The perfect mini excavator will instantly make jobs around your construction site so much easier, so it’s a wise investment—if you find the right one. We’ve got a few expert tips to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right excavator for your company. 

Determine the Excavator Purpose

The most crucial step in excavator shopping is knowing what you want the machine to do. This involves delving into all the expectations you have. You also need to consider potential future jobs. 

Questions to ask yourself when you’re shortlisting options include the following:

  • What work will I need the mini excavator to perform?
  • Will I need a specific size and weight limits?
  • What types of jobs around my various sites can the excavator simplify?
  • Will I require attachments or accessories to add to the excavator to perform certain jobs?
  • On average, how many jobs do I need a mini excavator for?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll have an idea of what type of excavator you’re looking for and how urgently you need to acquire one. When you know what you need, it becomes easier to narrow down brands and models. 

Calculate the Average Job Site Layout

The next step involves reviewing the average space you have to work on a job site. Some job sites will have a lot of room and a larger excavator will easily have the space to move around. However, as you already know, not all job sites are the same size. 

One of the reasons mini excavators are so popular is their versatility. Smaller machines can easily move around between buildings and around other machines and any other obstructions that might be all over the job site. Mini excavators are also more lightweight and won’t damage the ground surface as much as a heavier excavators. 

Determine Transportation Requirements

Before making your final decision, some thought needs to be given to how the excavator will be transported between job sites or back to your workshop. 

Bear in mind that larger excavators are harder to transport. A smaller excavator will be more economical to take where it’s needed. 

Establish Ease of Use & Comfort Features

The point of buying an excavator is to make the work around your various job sites easier. Part of doing this involves how comfortable the machine is to use. Ideally, an operator shouldn’t have to struggle to get the job done. 

Features such as a comfortable cab and control features will make operation easier, and it will get the job done quicker. Easy access to maintenance functions such as oil filters, hydraulic filters, and the engine will make caring for the excavator much easier. 

Compare Maintenance Requirements

Finding a mini excavator that seems affordable and easy to use is one thing. It’s equally necessary to consider how much it will cost to maintain and service the unit between jobs. 

Ask the service provider how long an average service appointment will take. Knowing how long your machine will be out of service will allow you to factor these times into your job schedule. 

Insist on a Demonstration

Go to a dealership where you can evaluate the excavator in a real-world situation. If you can drive and assess the features, you’ll have an exact idea of whether or not you need a better or more powerful brand. 

Ideally, if you’re not personally going to be operating the machine, take the operator with you to look at the machine. That way you’ll get honest feedback about how easy or difficult the unit will be to use. 

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Research New Technology

Wherever possible, you want a machine that can do a variety of functions across diverse types of job sites. Many machinery options these days come with advanced technological features that get the job done easier and even faster. 

Additionally, you want to consider what type of accessories and attachments come with the mini excavator you’re considering. Often, attachments and accessories make it possible to do multiple jobs by simply adding a different set of attachments. That’s a smarter option than using different machines and having to pay for each one. Consider investing in a few of the attachments that will get as many jobs done as possible! It will be money well spent. 

Final Thought

Following our crucial pointers as you browse around for the best mini excavator will ensure you get the best product for the jobs required. If your equipment inventory will benefit from investing in a mini excavator, it’s crucial to choose the option that will give you the best value for money and the most peace of mind!