Movavi Screen Recorder Review 2024: Quick and Intuitive Recording

Capturing the perfect moment on your screen, be it for a tutorial, a video call, or that unbeatable game victory, requires more than just hitting the ‘record’ button. You need a tool that’s as quick and intuitive as you need to capture and share these moments. 

Enter Movavi Screen Recorder, a solution that promises to simplify this task. But does it deliver on its promise? This review delves deep into its offerings, scrutinizing everything from its key features and usability to its pricing and OS compatibility. 

Let’s discover if it’s the perfect tool to enhance your content creation or if your search for screen recording software alternatives continues.

Key Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder teaches you how to capture a video with precision and creativity. Whether you aim to create an engaging screencast, save a live stream, or record an instructional video, it provides the features to do so with high fidelity. Let’s explore what you can do with this software:

1. Different Recording Modes

Movavi Screen Recorder offers four capture modes to create various types of content.

  • Screenshot: How to take a screenshot on a Mac? Capture still images of your screen activity in two clicks. Further edit them with various tools like arrows,  lines, and text boxes.
  • Screen recording: The standard option to capture full screen or selected area. You can turn on system audio, microphone, and webcam overlay to give your viewers a full experience.
  • Audio recording: If you don’t need any visual aids, this mode lets you capture sound from your microphone and/or system audio. Perfect for creating podcasts or voiceover your screen recordings if you didn’t do it live.
  • Webcam recording: While the other modes let you add webcam footage, this one solely focuses on capturing from your camera, plus audio from your microphone. A great way to create personal video messages, reactions, or else.

2. Video/Audio Quality

In the case of video, you can choose a specific frame rate ranging from 5 to 60. Moreover, with hardware acceleration, you can ensure smooth footage even when recording high-resolution videos. For audio,  you can select a preset of audio frequency, channels, and bit rate and tick the option to reduce background noise that may be picked by the microphone.

3. Mouse Effects

Don’t want any information to get lost in your videos? Movavi Screen Recorder offers various mouse effects to highlight the cursor, emphasize clicks, and show keys you press.  You can choose a color and its size for the cursor, separate colors for left and right clicks, and even upload a custom sound effect. For keystrokes, you can select to show only the shortcuts or all keys pressed.

4. Scheduler

No need to wait for that specific moment to record a video on Windows 10, Windows 11, or Mac anymore. With this feature, you can set a timer for the recording to start and stop. Name a task, pick a date, time, duration, whether to capture the last area or full screen, and what to do when it’s done (nothing, sleep, or shut down your PC). For people with multiple monitors, the software lets you select which one to capture from.

5. Annotations

To create more informative and engaging content, use annotations to illustrate your recorded footage. Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to add arrows, and shapes, or just use the pen tool to draw on your videos. You can change their color and thickness. Moreover, each annotation will automatically disappear after a couple of seconds to avoid cluttering your video.

6. Editor

The program doesn’t have a full-fledged editor. Still, you can trim and cut your videos after recording them. This will help you remove unwanted footage, leaving your videos as concise as possible.

Pros & Cons of Movavi Screen Recorder


  • Easy to Grasp: You won’t encounter any learning curve at all. The layout is self-explanatory and the features are enough to fulfill most users’ needs. Plus, a plethora of tutorials on the official website and YouTube channel can help if you do get stuck.
  • Lightweight: The program doesn’t put a strain on your system, so you can continue multitasking. It consumes very little resources and takes up around 250 MB when installed. The recording process won’t slow down your PC as well.
  • Flexible Recording: You aren’t restricted to recording just your entire screen. If you have a specific application window or browser tab you want to capture, hover over it and get a frame to define the recording area. You can also select a custom area by cropping the frame or typing in specific dimensions.
  • Compatibility: Movavi Screen Recorder works smoothly on Windows and macOS.  So, if you have to switch between two operating systems, your content creation process will be the least of your worries.
  • Export Options: You can either save your videos in various formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, or GIF or upload them directly to YouTube and other platforms from the software.


  • Limited Editing Features: Although the program helps you trim your recordings, it doesn’t offer more advanced editing options like adding transitions or filters. You will need to use a separate video editing software for that.
  • Free Trial Limitations: The free trial version has limitations on recording time and adds a watermarked logo to your videos. This can be frustrating for some users who want to test the software before purchasing.

Price of Movavi Screen Recorder

As mentioned already, you can download a free screen recorder at any time. It offers a taste of its capabilities with a trial period version, perfect for casual users or those on the fence about committing financially. 

For those ready to dive deeper, the full version unlocks endless possibilities, free from watermarks and time restrictions, going for $44.95 a year per 1 PC license. 

Wrapping Up

Movavi Screen Recorder isn’t just a recording or snipping tool. It captures the essence of your digital moments with ease and finesse. If you’re an educator, a content creator, or simply someone who loves to preserve important or enjoyable information, this software is a handy tool to have in your arsenal. 

The journey from contemplating to capturing has never been smoother, but as with any tool, your unique needs dictate the best fit. Movavi Screen Recorder stands ready, should it align with your content creation aspirations, to turn those fleeting moments into lasting impressions.

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