You don’t have to struggle with a pair of high heels to increase your height. If stilettos aren’t your thing or you are a man searching for a little extra height, you don’t need to look any further than what elevator shoes have to offer.

Whilst there aren’t very many choices for men wanting to alter their height, elevator shoes not only provide this opportunity but also come with a range of benefits.

What are elevator shoes?

Firstly, it might be worth discussing what elevator shoes actually are. This footwear product has thickened insoles under the heel section, making the wearer of the shoes appear taller. The shoes work to ‘elevate’ height from the interior section of the shoe, unlike high heels, which work to elevate height from the exterior. This means that the elevating component is hidden from other people, allowing the wearer to appear taller discreetly.

What are the benefits of elevator shoes?

There are many benefits to be gained from wearing elevator shoes, so let’s take a look at the main ones.

They increase height

You no longer need to worry about appearing too short on social and business occasions! The most obvious benefit that guidomaggi elevator shoes have is that they can make the wearer taller. You might have always been conscious of your short height. The factor of height certainly plays a large part in how we are viewed in society, sometimes even causing you to be overlooked by co-workers, friends, partners, or even strangers. Therefore, with elevator shoes, you can choose to increase your height by just a mere couple of centimetres to several inches to solve this problem. 

They improve posture

Surprisingly, and unlike high heels, elevator shoes can help you improve your posture. This is partly because their thick layers of material are supportive of our feet. With so many people being hunched over phones and computers for long periods of the day, it’s never been more important to start improving posture. Improving your posture will allow you to naturally stand even taller. In turn, this will also reduce back pain.

They are stylish

Whilst good fashion usually depends on individual opinion, it can’t be denied that the range of shoes available allows them to contribute to and complement a vast array of outfits. So many companies like specialise in elevator shoes, offering stylish products in the form of trainers, loafers, dress shoes, and boots amongst others! This permits you to mix and match outfits, sourcing the perfect-looking shoes for any occasion. Need height in the nightclub? Business meeting? Wedding day? Check!

They can be slimming

It’s common knowledge that height can allow people to look visually slimmer. Therefore, with elevator shoes giving the illusion that your legs are longer, they can also make your figure appear slimmed out. Therefore, if you’re worried about your weight, these shoes could be the solution to making you appear more attractive.


As you can see, there are so many benefits to be gained from wearing this product. All of these factors can make you feel more confident as a person. By standing taller in style, you can rise to any occasion today!

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