Students should never compare their abilities to those of their colleagues because everyone is gifted differently. What might seem challenging to one person might be very easy to another. When you start comparing yourself to your colleagues, the chances are high that you might become depressed and look down upon your abilities. Generally, not everyone has excellent writing skills. Regardless of how much they try, some students find it challenging to deliver quality essays. Writing quality academic papers is not a walk in the park. Unfortunately, most scholars despise the entire writing process because they are lengthy, tedious, time-consuming, and not enjoyable.

This is one of the reasons why students often result to seeking help from the thesis writing service. This way, they will have ample time to engage in other essential activities and submit their assignments before the deadline. With technological progression, many tools and online resources could help students improve the quality of their academic papers. In addition, these resources could give students the confidence to write and submit their academic papers. This article will discuss some online resources that could aid students in improving their essay writing skills. 

Thesis statement generator

Although a thesis statement consists of one or two sentences, most students often find it challenging to write one. Some students might take almost the whole day trying to write a quality thesis statement. A thesis statement is like the backbone of an academic paper; hence, you must ensure that you write it well. Thanks to technological advancement, online resources, such as the thesis statement generator, aid students in writing quality thesis statements. Therefore, if you have difficulty writing the thesis statement for your academic paper, you might consider using the tool. Students do not have to incur any cost when using the tool, and it has an easy-to-understand interface. 

The plagiarism checker

This online resource has become handy to most students. Undoubtedly, getting caught up with plagiarised assignments could have many disastrous effects. For instance, you could lose your scholarship, be expelled, or be suspended from the university. Technological tools have made it possible for students to detect whether their assignments are plagiarism-free before submitting them for grading. To score excellent academic grades, you must ensure that your academic papers are as unique as possible. Incidents of plagiarism could also ruin a writer`s credibility. If you are writing social media posts or blogs, the chances are high that people might stop reading your content once they notice they are not original. Therefore, if you have difficulty submitting plagiarism-free content, you might consider utilizing the plagiarism checker tool. 

Bibliography generator

The different formatting styles in academic writing include APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Some students have difficulty differentiating one formatting style from another. You might be penalized for using the wrong formatting style if you are not cautious. This is one of the reasons why students should always utilize a bibliography generator when completing their academic papers. The beauty of using this tool is that the user can format their bibliographies based on the instructor`s instructions. The tool will format for you the correct bibliography within seconds. In addition, the online resource is free; hence, you do not have to part with any money to use it. 

The essay map

Most students wrongly perceive that the entire essay writing process is challenging. The good thing is that students can use the Essay Map online resource to make writing easier and more enjoyable. All a person needs to do is enter the title of the topic that interests them, and they will begin to go through specific stages of the interactive mapping process. Alternatively, individuals could print or write a blank map, which they will use to write the main ideas of their academic paper. Thanks to this online writing resource, writing quality academic papers should not be challenging. 

The Daily writing tips

Most students do not enjoy writing essays because they keep making spelling mistakes or wrong sentence construction whenever they write their academic papers. All your worries will be long gone when you use this online resource. This online resource should not miss your list if you want to improve your writing skills. The tool aids students in accessing articles that focus on vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. As you continue through the different writing processes, you will notice that there will be a significant improvement in your ability to write quality academic papers. 

The Hemingway app

Sometimes, it can be challenging to edit your assignments, especially when the deadline is almost due. Unfortunately, some students make the mistake of submitting their assignments to the lecturer without proofreading and editing their papers. When you edit and proofread your work, you will correct the errors you made while writing your paper. If you are among the students who often submit their essays to the lecturer because the deadline is almost due, you might consider using the Hemingway App. The beauty of this online resource is that it is one of the most effective automatic editing tools you will ever encounter. The tool will help you edit your essays before making the final submission. Unfortunately, some students have the wrong perception that they will score excellent academic grades by writing lengthy sentences and big words. It would be best if you always remembered that the most effective way of writing your essays is through using simple and short sentences. 

In conclusion, many online resources could help you write quality essays that will guarantee you excellent academic grades. You must take your time and identify the resources that will work to your advantage. Some resources might work well for your colleagues and be the opposite for you. Most importantly, you should avoid comparing your abilities with those of your friends. Otherwise, the chances are high that you might be depressed and frustrated and stop appreciating your strengths. Finally, although these tools are meant to make your essay writing process less difficult, they might not be 100% accurate. Therefore, it would be best if you were cautious while using them.