We are quite blessed to belong to a land full of festivals and special days. There might be just twelve months in every year. But around these twelve months, we are blessed to celebrate many special occasions of ours and that of our loved one’s life. We, the Indians, believe life is too short to waste on cribbing about the miseries of our lives; hence we celebrate each of these with great fervor and heightened and most importantly, over an appetizing cake. Some like to bake a cake in the honor of their loved ones, while some others like to send cake to Bangalore or some other city to make some sweet memories along with their loved ones on these d-days. A delicious cake with its presence across any of the special occasions can simply notch up the celebration vibes and can take it to a whole new level. What the question is – what are these special days on which cakes make one such special highlight of their lives? Over this article, we are going to discuss a few of these Indian D-days that are absolutely perfect for celebrating over an appealing yet delightful piece of cake.

  1. Cake For Wedding – Weddings are a special life milestone of everyone’s lives, be it, that ours or our loved one’s lives. A wedding cake can make an excellent gift for the newlyweds to make their special day even more special. It symbolises that may the blissful couple have a blissful married life. You can get some tiered cake or designer cake options to pamper a newlywed happy couple.
  2. Cake For Diwali – Diwali is one such Indian festival which tends to bring people of every caste, creed and gender together to celebrate it. For such a happy festival, a cake can come into the picture and make your Diwali celebrations, even more, brighter and happier. Traditionally people love pampering their loved ones on this festival with some desi sweets, dry fruits, etc., so why not this time a toothsome Diwali themed cake? Think about it!
  3. Cake For House Warming Party – When someone owns their dream house, it needs to be celebrated, overthrowing them is a kickass house warming party. And just like to celebrate every happy occasion, cake is much needed, the same applies to a happy occasion like that of house warming party. So be the perfect host/hostess by getting a perfect dreamy-creamy housewarming party cake customised to make it a remarkable affair.
  4. Cake For Baby Shower – Babies are a gift of the Lord, and so it is indeed a very special moment for every couple who’s pregnant and is about to make wonderful parents of a newborn. To celebrate the new beginnings of a couple’s life, a cake is needed to please all the guests who come by to wish for a baby and the mommy, congratulations and well wishes. Though it is a western concept, Indians have quite familiarised them with its celebrations by pampering the mom and the unborn with a designer baby shower cake.
  5. Cake For Anniversary – Whether it is you who is looking into pampering your spouse/ partner in the best possible manner or it is your parents/some other couple’s anniversary, cakes are what helps us celebrate the togetherness of a couple in love in the most priceless manner. Many online or offline bakeries have come up with various anniversary cake options. 
  6. Cake For Christmas – Dry plum cakes or Christmas themed designer cakes are quite apt to celebrate Christ’s birthday, every year. Other than decorating the Christmas tree and spending some quality time with family and friends, people love to relish some Christmas cakes over a glass of wine.
  7. Cake For Valentine Day – In matters of love, what words couldn’t speak, a scrumptious cake baked with quality ingredients and lots of love can. Hence, every year on Valentine’s day or the day of love, the couple choose to celebrate their eternal love for each other over a pound of happiness. Most commonly a heart-shaped red velvet cake is what commonly a couple opts for on this day.

So, these were some of the popular Indian D-days that people love to celebrate and make memorable over a pound of happiness.