You are a responsible homeowner if you know how to check your property for damages and issues that need repairs or upgrades. Most common problems in the household can be found in the kitchen and bathroom, specifically in your drains. This is because it is constantly used by most of the members of the family. 

Residential foundation drainage systems are significantly important because the water in the soil under and around the foundation can cause most of the foundation problems. Excess water around a foundation causes hydrostatic pressure to build up and push against the foundation walls

To help, we have provided below the commons signs that your drain has a blockage and that you need to have it fixed, ASAP. 

  1. The water is draining slowly

A sink that seems to drain slower than usual is a sign that your drain is blocked. If it cannot be fixed by the usual do-it-yourself methods, have it checked immediately by a plumber.

  1. Foul smell from your sinks and drains

A nasty smell coming from the drains also means that you have a problem with your pipes. If it starts to reek all over the house, it means that the issue is getting worse.

  1. The drains are gurgling

Sometimes, your drains and toilet bowls create a gurgling noise that is far from the usual. Make sure to watch for these and immediately ask for professional help.

Toilet bubble or gurgle means there is abnormal suction building up in the sewer line – which is causing the air pressure to push back or creating bubbles, and even sometimes the air pressure causes the toilet to flush. There are multiple reasons for the toilet bubble– only professional plumbers can solve the issues. 

  1. Water keeps backing up from drains and toilet bowls

Backflow in your toilet and sinks are signs that there is something blocking the pipes that prevent the water from coming through. Instead, it pushes back up from where it came from.

  1. The unusual water level in your toilet bowl

If you have noticed that the water level in your toilet is higher or lower than usual, have it checked immediately as it can be a sign of blocked drainage.

Here are the signs that the damage in your drain is getting serious:

  1. Dampness on your walls and floors
  2. The sudden growth of mould
  3. Infestation
  4. Structural damages like cracks in your walls and floors

How can I avoid these problems?

  1. Clean your drains right after you use the sink or the bathroom.

The most responsible thing that you can do is make sure that you clean up after you use the sink, bathroom floor, and bathtub. This prevents any particle build-up around the drain that may cause clogging.

  1. Avoid letting small objects or particles from going down the drain.

In kitchen sinks, make sure that you are not letting small particles from your food preparation fall down the drain. You should not pour oils in there as well. Mounds of hair are what usually cause the blockage in bathroom floors.

  1. Purchase a drain strainer.

To ensure that nothing is going down the drain, you can purchase a drain strainer. As the name suggests, it prevents the particles from completely flowing down the pipes. Just immediately clean it out after you use the sink or the bathroom.

  1. Have your drain inspected regularly by a plumber

To make sure that there are no growing damages that you do not know about, a regular drainage inspection can help in looking for issues that haven’t arisen yet and stop them from getting much worse.
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