6 Supplements to Enhance Your Muscles

Gain Muscle

Gym freaks are always looking out for different ways to increase their muscles. But no matter how good you are at working out, it is incomplete without proper nutrition. However, even if you improve your diet and include boiled chicken, it won’t be enough without an additional boost. 

Thus we have listed for you six supplements like CBD, creatine, whey powder, Kratometc., to enhance your muscles and give you that extra boost to make you stand out. However, while you are trying to get something extra for your muscles and body, you are more likely to push yourself beyond boundaries, do more workouts, and end up having your muscles being cramped. There may be chances of muscles soreness, fatigue, or even damage. So, it’s better to have something to prevent these issues and get rid of any unwanted injuries like these. With that being said, use a full body massager to massage your body after every workout. This will reduce/prevent the chances of you getting injured, boost your muscles functions and helps you to recover faster and better. A good example of a full-body massager is Exogun DreamPro. Trusted by the pros, Exogun delivers the ultimate recovery!

Use CBD for Muscle Recovery


CBD has the ability to reduce inflammation which often develops after workout sessions. As a result, it helps in practicing rigorous workouts and extended hours without the pressure of after pain. This is important because sometimes, you have to push your body a little more to enhance muscle. Taking CBD help to heal the damage and reduce inflammation in the body. You must use effective CBD hemp cream that is a type of CBD topical and can be directly applied on your skin. It works quickly and gives instant relief as compared to other products.

Push Protein Synthesis With Whey Protein Powder

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By far one of the best-studied supplements globally, whey protein is one of two primary proteins found in dairy. According to many studies, this supplement has proven to help with muscle gain, strength, malnutrition, and even weight loss. Whey protein is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids, so combined with weightlifting, whey protein is an excellent supplement for gaining weight

Kratom Acts as an Energy Booster

Everyone is aware that one needs a lot of energy to enhance their body muscle, and for increasing energy, what can be greater than Kratom? It is a supplement that acts as a strong energy booster. It has the capability of building stamina and carrying long workout sessions without feeling tired and exhausted. In fact, it is also the best alternative to energy drinks. Plus, Kratom helps you relax without making you anxious. There are different types of kratom based on the color of the vein- red vein,white vein and green vein. Do remember to consider the dose, for example in case of red vein dosage, you must know it’s a strong strain and accordingly the dose will vary.

Control your pH fall with Beta-Alanine

The pH in our muscles plays an important role, among other things. For example, when working out, the muscles need oxygen, but due to lack of it, it causes us to pant. As a result, anaerobic oxidation starts to occur. Due to this reason, the pH balance falls, and more lactic acid is formed. Now the body becomes acidic in nature and makes the muscle sore and burn.

Beta-Alanine slows down the drop of pH. This allows you to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling so that you can finally make those extra sets of reps. Studies have shown that taking 4-6gms daily is healthy for our workout geeks.

Creatine: Level Up your Energy and Work Out to Your Best


One of the worst things about a gym routine is laziness. With Creatine, that problem goes away. Creatine is another supplement that provides you with that extra energy you need to make that few extra reps or just need to get out of bed. It increases your fast energy and retains water into your muscles that allow you to stretch your cell and increase growth in the long run. But again, the dose matters when it comes to creatine intake. You should know how much creatine you can take in a day.

Generally, people take 2-5gms of Creatine immediately after workouts with their regular protein shake. It boosts your growth and gives you that energy to go on. Then, on your cheat days, consume 2-5gms of Creatine with breakfast.

Take away

While there are amazing factors to incorporate into your daily workout schedule, protein shakes supplements, and research peptides only enhance your overall mass and control your bodily fluids. So get buffed up and impress yourself with these handpicked supplements.

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