Rings play a significant role when it comes to wedding ceremonies. It is best to have two separate rings or a couple of ring sets to grace the occasion. There are several types of couple ring designs from which you can choose. Make sure that you make your occasion perfect by selecting the best rings for you. The ring plays a vital role in weddings, and therefore you should choose one after a lot of deliberation.

Types of Couple Rings

There are hundreds of rings from which you can choose your perfect couple ring set. Some rings also have a mangalsutra set, making it a perfect wedding combo. Here are some popular ring types that you can consider for your wedding:

Anniversary Bands

These rings are meant for celebrating wedding anniversaries. Here, the spouses exchange rings to celebrate their marriage. In these types of rings, diamonds are the preferred choice of stone. The stones are usually channel set, meaning they are placed between two vertical metal walls, or three stones are placed side by side in prongs to represent the past, present, and future.

Antique Rings

These rings are at the top of the consideration set if you plan a royal marriage. These rings are about 100 years old. They were made during the early age around 1900. The designs of these rings are inspired by historical eras like the Victorian era or the Art Deco era. You can also get a replica made of these rings quite easily.

Birthstone Rings

These stones are crafted using any metal like gold or silver, and it holds a beautiful stone in between. You can surprise your spouse by getting a birthstone ring that matches the birthday month of your better half. Twelve kinds of stones can be used in birthstone rings. These stones are Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Citrine, and Blue Topaz. You can find a couple of wedding rings with all of these stones.

Bridal Ring Set

The bridal ring set contains a set of rings that the bride wears. The groom can buy a bridal ring set to surprise the bride. The set usually includes a beautiful engagement ring with a wedding band. You can have a set containing a solitaire ring or a set of beautiful diamond rings. The set symbolises women’s marriage, including engagement and a wedding ring. Also, it can be a great gifting idea for the couple.

Cluster Rings

These rings have become popular in recent times. In these kinds of rings, there is a huge stone in the middle. Several other small stones then surround the stone. These rings are available in bright colours. Usually, the stone placed in the centre of the ring is a diamond. The stones surrounding the big stone are usually the smaller version of the big stone.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings have a lot of symbolic references. In earlier times, these rings were used to show power and acted as a symbol of wealth. These rings cannot be worn daily. You should pick your occasions for wearing this elaborate ring. These rings are to be worn on the right hand. They usually have a small band and a big stone in the middle.

Contemporary Rings

Clean lines, sleek design, and beautiful curves characterise a contemporary ring. The appearance of this jewellery takes a minimalist approach, like that of modern house design. Designers prefer to focus on the ring’s more subtle characteristics instead of making it overly intricate and expensive.

These rings might include one or more stones, or they can be simple metal rings. Rings with arrows carved on them, rings that wrap around but don’t meet at the ends, rings that mimic dolphin tails, and just about anything else you can think of are available.

Side Stone rings

A side stone ring, like a solitaire, has one single stone that is fixed to a band; however, side stone rings feature tiny stones in the band, whereas a solitaire is solid. This adds a touch of glitz to what would otherwise be a plain ring. The stones engraved in the band can be the same colour as the centre stone for a more cohesive design or a different colour for a more dynamic and exciting effect.

Cushion Rings

Cushion-cut engagement rings have a square or rectangle-shaped stone with rounded sides that bend down to give the stone a puffy appearance. This ring style is highly fashionable right now but finding one at a jewellery store can be difficult. Vintage and antique rings are fantastic places to seek a cushion cut but be careful who you buy from and make sure the ring is worth the price you’re paying.


Buying a wedding ring can be a crucial decision. Therefore, it is recommended that you weigh in all your options before finalising a wedding ring. There are several types of wedding rings available, and you must make sure that you choose one that defines you as a couple.