In today’s digital world, managing a plumbing firm takes a few more skills than merely knowing how to adjust a water pressure regulator or install a sump pump. Plumbing contractors must also know how to price their services effectively, build successful marketing campaigns to attract new clients, and recruit new talent to cover technical gaps in a highly competitive area for the finest plumbing company management.

Isn’t it simple? Not so fast, my friend. From calculating labor rates and overhead expenditures to monitoring billable and nonbillable hours and selling maintenance agreements, pricing and invoicing plumbing field service work may be difficult. Knowing which plumbing marketing methods work in the long run poses its own set of obstacles, and finding competent plumbers in the current trade-shortage environment can be plain impossible.

In fact, there are no indicators that the plumbing sector will slow down anytime soon. 

To get started on a clear route to improved operational efficiency, follow these management ideas from industry professionals.

1. Work smarter, not harder in the market.

Is the target demographic for your plumbing marketing techniques the suitable one? If you’re looking for new methods to expand your plumbing company, start by boosting your plumbing marketing efforts.

Plumbing firms used to rely on the phone book, direct mail, newspaper, billboard, and radio advertising to reach clients in their service region before the Internet of Things (IoT). Small company entrepreneurs now must negotiate a plethora of digital channels, frequently guessing which paths will generate the most leads.

Be mindful of the fact that what works now may not work next year, next month, or even next week. Essentially, you need to be continually monitoring what is working and then taking appropriate steps to mitigate and address what is not.

Keep track of gross income per lead source, the number of leads created by each source, and the closing percentage on each marketing lead, whatever marketing method works best for the service business in your area. Then, to evaluate the genuine marketing value, compute ROI and modify marketing expenditure accordingly. Be smarter with your insurance costs which are a constant cost to your business, compare online quotes for plumbers insurance that works for your business. 

2. Educate field technicians on how to sell like a pro

Is your plumbing firm losing money despite having a team of highly skilled plumbers on staff? In today’s internet world of on-demand home services, expertise and know-how only go so far—field workers now need to learn better plumbing sales methods.

Show your plumbers how to use their skills and expertise in conjunction with plumbing software.

Online buyers prefer immediate communication, and discerning customers want to know they’re getting excellent value for their money when it comes to plumbing services. Empower your technicians with a mobile app for iOS and Android phones and tablets to provide consumers with real-time information about their plumbing issue, assuage their concerns about cost and quality, and add value to your brand—all from the comfort of their mobile device.

3. Provide CSRs with the tools they need to convert calls into sales.

Are your customer service representatives well-prepared to make a positive first impression on callers seeking information about your plumbing business? Customers demand exceptional customer service from the time you pick up the phone, and it’s up to your customer service representatives to set the tone for a positive connection.

Give your customer service representatives the ability to dazzle with company management software that automatically populates client information as calls come in, allowing them to see the information of an inbound caller before they answer the phone.

CSRs can offer potential customers their full attention and collect the appropriate information using call recording and personalized prompts on every call, ensuring that your field workers get the job done perfectly the first time. When leads become sales, the entire team benefits.

4. Make Plumbing Communications More Efficient

From start to end, clear and timely communication enhances customer happiness, improves customer management, and demonstrates that your plumbing firm cares about helping clients save money and time. It also keeps everyone on the same page and helps staff be more productive and engaged.

5. Make Use of Online Reviews

When a consumer in your neighbourhood looks online for plumbing services, a well-optimized website design paired with positive customer reviews generates more leads for your plumbing firm through organic Google results. For many skilled trades owners, using a management system to monitor and respond to internet evaluations is a proven business strategy.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers care about trends in enhanced operational efficiency for residential and commercial plumbing systems. They want to save money and time while also protecting the environment.

According to Energy Star, minor leaks in pipes, fixtures, and seals can add up to gallons of water squandered and money spent. Improve customer service by assisting consumers in conserving water and energy. Tankless water heaters, drain-cleaning sensors, leak-detection devices, smart showerheads, and touchless or voice-activated faucets are among the smart plumbing items they wish to learn more about.

You can empower your field experts to give smart solutions for any plumbing problem by staying on top of new plumbing technologies.

7. Keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) 

Contractors must also understand which financial KPIs to regularly monitor and track in order to make smart, data-driven choices in order to expand their organization.

Profits and cash flow are the two most important KPIs to monitor. Simply be cautious not to overextend your plumbing firm in both good and bad times, and insist on payment upon delivery to maintain your accounts receivable in excellent shape.

So, there we have it. Seven top tips that can help you take your plumbing business to the next level. Get a few balls in motion and watch the results stream in.