Should You Develop a Web App or Desktop Software?

Should you develop a desktop app or a web app?

Entrepreneurs and product developers often land in confusion when answering the above question. Moreover, some are not even aware of the difference between software and web development.

The lack of knowledge can be worrisome, as your choice will affect your product and its performance. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the difference between desktop software vs. web development.

Let’s explore more.

What is a Desktop Application?

desktop application runs and resides in your computer. You have to download the software on your laptop or desktop to use it. Such an application uses the resources and space of your computer and may not need an active internet connection.

Operating systems like Windows and Mac are desktop applications. Many other tools like video players, image editors, and antiviruses are desktop applications.

You can hire a software engineering company to develop a desktop application.

What is a Web Application?

web application resides in a remote server. You can use the software through an internet browser on your computer or mobile. As a result, web apps need an internet connection to function.

However, they don’t need your hard disk space and rely on the computing power of the server.

Examples of web apps include eCommerce websites, browser-based video editors, and even CRMs or ERPs. In fact, and website that is not a static page is a web app.

Next, we will find out what is a better choice for your project – web development or software development.

When to Develop a Desktop App?

A desktop app can suit your needs if you are developing an expansive or complex app. You will be able to count on the computing power of your users’ computers to run your application. There is no need to incur costs or invest in remote servers to offer good performance.

Additionally, desktop apps can work without the internet. They are also more secure than web apps as all data and files are on the computer and not on the cloud.

Moreover, desktop apps can make sense if your project handles sensitive data.

However, desktops apps have a few drawbacks like:

  • Users have to install the software on each computer
  • The apps take space and use computer resources
  • Users need to manually update apps

When to Develop a Web App?

Web apps are becoming a popular choice for businesses due to several reasons. The top one is convenience and lower costs.

A web application can work on most internet browsers. Therefore, you don’t have to develop a separate app for mobile and desktop users.

In addition, web apps work on all devices irrespective of the platform. All you need is an internet browser, whether you’re using Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

Moreover, a web app stays in the cloud or remote servers. Users don’t need to download anything nor worry about draining hardware resources.

As a result, anyone can access your app even if they have an old or outdated device. Additionally, you can update your app without the need for users to do anything.

However, you also have some drawbacks of web apps such as:

  • They generally need an internet connection to work
  • Some apps can be less secure than desktop apps
  • Performance can suffer for highly complex apps

Which Way Should You Walk?

Evaluate your needs to decide whether you should develop a desktop or web application. Consider your customer base, the device they use, and the complexity of your project.

In addition, work out the costs and resources your app will need. You can then make the right selection to achieve business success.

Final Thoughts

Desktop apps or software work and reside in a computer. They rely on native hardware resources and may not need an internet connection to work. Web apps, on the other hand, are stored on remote servers. Users don’t need to install anything or even worry about hardware resources.

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