Which Chicago Districts Have The Best Neighborhoods?

What do you think of when you hear deep-dish pizza, Navy Pier, and Wrigley Field?

The Windy City, or Chicago, of course! Although Chicago welcomes millions of tourists each year, it’s also an incredible city to settle down in.

Surprisingly, Chicago has 77 community areas, which most refer to as neighborhoods, although some community areas have several neighborhoods. These areas fit into nine Chicago districts. 

But with so many areas, it can be challenging to know which is the best neighborhood to settle in.  

Whether you’re looking for a quiet area, affordable housing, or a good school for your kids, our guide has you covered! Keep reading to learn all about the districts and neighborhoods of Chicago. 

Chicago Districts

Many people know Chicago has three sides: the north side, the west side, and the south side. But these general areas are broken into nine districts or sides, which are:

  • Far North
  • North
  • Northwest
  • Central, Near North, and Near South
  • West and Near West
  • Southwest
  • South
  • Far Southwest
  • Far South

When talking about the city, people will reference districts. However, discussing specific community areas and neighborhoods is more common because there are significant differences between them even within one district. 

Let’s look at the districts more in-depth to see some fantastic neighborhoods.

North Side

One of the top-rated Chicago districts is North Side. The North Side is home to popular community areas like Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and Logan Square. 


The community area, Lakeview, is home to four distinct neighborhoods. They are:

  • Lake View East
  • North Halsted (Boystown)
  • West Lakeview
  • Wrigleyville

In general, Lakeview is young, hip, and busy. The Chicago Cubs bring thousands to the area during the summer to Wrigley Field. With so many people coming to this area, it’s very walkable, and public transport is excellent.

Boystown is the most LGBTQIA-friendly neighborhood in the city that hosts the annual Pride Parade and more.

West Lakeview is more relaxed with young families. It’s next to Roscoe Village (part of North Center), which offers a similar vibe. There are still restaurants and shops to visit, but it’s quieter for those with children.

Additionally, Roscoe Village is home to Lane Tech College Prep High School, which offers excellent academics.

Logan Square

In recent years, Logan Square has transformed. The area used to be home to a significant working-class Latino population. But now, it’s filled with more young professionals and artists. 

The area boasts large apartment buildings and trendy restaurants. 

Another neighborhood in Logan Square is Bucktown. Bucktown is calmer than Logan Square and more affordable than Lincoln Park.

Plus, it’s close to the Kennedy Expressway, and several train and bus stop. So going downtown or out of the city is easy. Due to expanding development, fast home buyers have been taking advantage of Bucktown and Logan Square lately. 

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is one of the most well-known Chicago areas. Home to the Lincoln Park Zoo, DePaul University, the lakefront trail, and many more attractions, this area thrives. 

There are thousands of shops and restaurants to explore. And, Lincoln Park has several excellent schools. 

However, the area is significantly more expensive than some of its neighbors and thus does not fit everyone.

South Side

Chicago’s “south side” has long been associated with racism, violence, and inequality. But to lump more than 40 community areas together and call them all bad is damaging for the city and its residents.

There are some amazing neighborhoods in the South Side, like Bridgeport, Hyde Park, and South Shore.


Bridgeport brings historical charm to residents, as many houses are from before 1940. The neighborhood is also home to the White Sox and the Bridgeport Arts Center.

This residential and walkable neighborhood is very affordable too. The housing prices make it one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in the city.

Hyde Park

Home to the esteemed University of Chicago, Hyde Park is filled with students, faculty, and staff. The neighborhood also has restaurants, shops, and cultural institutions. 

Further, the Museum of Science and Industry is in Hyde Park, drawing tourists and residents. 

South Shore

South Shore is famous for its Cultural Center, where former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama were married. Many other notable celebrities have also visited the Center. 

This predominantly Black neighborhood is full of culture and history. Plus, it’s just south of Jackson Park, which will soon be home to the Obama Presidential Center

It also hosts one of the city’s biggest beaches, Rainbow Beach.

Far North Side

The Far North Side connects to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and the suburbs of Chicago, most notably, Evanston. It’s typically less expensive than North Side, with many of the same benefits. Two of the best areas on the Far North Side are Rogers Park and Uptown.

Rogers Park

The farthest north neighborhood of Chicago is also one of the most diverse. Residents of Rogers Park speak more than 80 languages and offer cuisine from every corner of the globe. 

The area is also home to Loyola University. Rogers Park is affordable and well connected to the rest of the city despite being near the suburbs. 


The streets of Uptown offer an energetic live music and nightlife scene with restaurants serving delicious food from around the world. Uptown also has great lakefront living, especially with Montrose Beach. 

Uptown is less expensive than North Side neighborhoods, with many attractions and culture.

West and Near West Side – Pilsen

Pilsen is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Chicago. It’s heavily Latino with a fantastic art and music scene. Not to mention, the food is incredible too. 

The neighborhood is close to the University of Illinois at Chicago and The Loop, so the area is popular for students and young professionals.

Move to Chicago

While each of the 9 Chicago districts offers something unique, their community areas stand out. So now you have some information to help you choose the best Chicago neighborhood to live in. 

If you enjoyed reading this article, check out the rest of the blog for more exciting content. 

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